MLB Celebration Questioned During White House Briefing by Woke Journalist

It’s a custom for the White House to host decorated sports champions. Most professional and major college athletes consider it a privilege to be honored for their noteworthy accomplishments. The Atlanta Braves were the most recent team to be invited.

As winners of the most recent MLB World Series, the Braves earned that right. But when they arrived at the White House to receive accolades from the president, they got something they may not have expected: condemnation for their fans’ way of celebrating their success.

The Atlanta baseball franchise’s mascot is “The Braves.” They’ve played in Atlanta, Georgia since the franchise relocated from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to begin the 1966 season. However, the Braves’ franchise dates far back in the annals of MLB history.

The team originated in Boston as the “Red Stockings.” There is no relation between this team and the current Boston Red Sox. The team went through a series of name changes during its first few years. Eventually, they became the Boston Braves.

The mascot has followed the franchise ever since. When the team shifted from Boston to Milwaukee in 1953, they remained the Braves. Most appreciated the respect that the name gave to heroic Native American warriors. It was never deemed racist or racially condescending.

But today we live in an era of wokeism. One of the biggest targets of this insane sense of woke cancel culture is the names of our sports teams. Washington, D.C.’s own namesake NFL team bowed to the cancel culture rhetoric.

A once proud Redskins franchise is now the Commodores. Soon after, Cleveland followed suit. The Indians are now the Cleveland Guardians. It’s relatively senseless. It’s an exercise in futility. If the mascot’s name were disrespectful, we might understand.

However, they’re not. The majority of these targeted mascots pay respect to their heritage. They’re not racist and never were. But with the recent success of the Atlanta Braves, the cancel culture fanatics increased their attacks.

But what transpired after the teams’ recent visit to be honored in Washington, D.C., was even stranger. The Braves have stayed true to their historical franchise name. They should. But during a recent White House press briefing, the debate was brought center stage.

Now, mind you, we’re in the middle of an inflationary crisis, a crime epidemic, the southern border is in chaos, and there’s a war raging in Eastern Europe. But a woke liberal journalist, covering things of national importance, asked the proverbial question on everyone’s mind.

During the briefing, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was asked a question concerning the supposedly controversial team name. The question also referenced the controversy surrounding Atlanta Braves fans’ tomahawk chop celebration.

Again, the U.S. is in the middle of 40-year high inflation. Americans are suffering. More illegal migrants have spewed across the southern border than ever in history. Crime has spiked so badly in many U.S. cities that people are afraid to walk out their front doors.

But the woke mainstream media must target an innocent group of professional sports team fans. Who are Atlanta Braves fans hurting? No one is. Is the infamous tomahawk chop derogatory towards Native Americans? No, it is not.

Jean-Pierre said, “That is something that the president believes, that is something that this administration believes, and he has consistently emphasized that all people deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.”

Do unborn children targeted by the radical left’s abortion policies deserve to be treated with dignity and respect? What about the overwhelmed citizens in besieged communities along the U.S. southern border? Don’t they deserve a little respect?

What’s even more absurd is that Major League Baseball answered this question during the Braves’ run towards the 2021 pennant. MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred was asked to consider banning the Braves’ trademark celebration.

Manfred investigated. What he discovered was that most of the Native American community in the Atlanta area not only supported the team’s name, but they supported the tomahawk chop. We’d think that would be case closed, right?

Richard Sneed is the principal chief of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. Sneed thinks the discussion is pointless. He feels it’s a time when people should have more outrage for bigger issues. Sneed went on to say, “I’m not offended by somebody waving their arm at a sports game.”

“I’m just not. If somebody is, that’s their prerogative, it’s their right. They can be offended. I don’t know very many, maybe one or two, from my tribe who say, Yeah, I don’t like that.” But according to Jean-Pierre, the White House is narrowing its focus on this single subject.

Maybe Joe Biden should worry about the important issues that face our nation. Americans deserve better. But then again, with the way he’s addressed critical things facing the country thus far, maybe we’d be better off if he did nothing.

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