Mom Arrested After Posing as 13-Year-Old Daughter at School

The mother of a 13-year-old Texas girl went to school disguised as her daughter to point out lax security. She almost made it through the day...

Casey Garcia recorded her experiment on her phone as she made her way through the halls, sat in class, and ate lunch.

The young mom stands 4'11" and weighs 105 pounds, making it easier to blend in. She dyed her hair brown, used a self-tanner, and applied winged eyeliner the way her daughter wears it. Her voice even sounds younger than her 30 years. And of course, her mask helped hide her face.

According to Now This,

Casey Garcia, 30, darkened her hair and put on her 13-year-old daughter Julie’s clothes, glasses, makeup, and a mask, according to her YouTube documentation, and went to Garcia-Enriquez Middle School in San Elizario, Texas last week pretending to be her. Garcia made it almost the entire day, she said, before someone finally noticed she wasn’t Julie.

After a teacher caught Garcia, the school notified the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office. Garcia was later arrested and charged with one count each of criminal trespass and tampering with government record, according to multiple reports. She was also charged with an unrelated traffic warrant.

In a YouTube video uploaded on June 2 called “Going to school as my 13yr old daughter (Middle School edition),” Garcia documented her entire day as a fake middle school student.

“Do I look like a seventh grader? No? Cool, awesome,” Garcia said to the camera, before saying good morning to multiple people walking by in the hallway.

The video then shows Garcia sitting at a desk in her daughter’s classes, saying hi to friends in the hallway, and even eating lunch. According to USA Today, jail records show Garcia is 4’11” and weighs 105 pounds.

“Well, I finally got caught,” Garcia said to the camera toward the end of the video. “I told them I would go to the principal’s office, so I guess we’re going to see what happens.”

Some of her daughter's friends were in on the secret, and no one seemed able to tell that Garcia wasn't who she said she was. When signing in for the day at San Elizario's Garcia Enriquez Middle School, she simply filled in her child's ID number.

But later in the day, she was sent to the principal's office where she was forced to confess.

When the police came to arrest Garcia at her home, she told them she was recording it. The cops told her it was okay because they were too. Garcia felt she had done her job as a parent by exposing the school's security lapses.

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