Montana Woman Is Ridiculed After Killing and Skinning Animal She Thought Was a Wolf

There are a number of amusing ways to succumb to “mistaken identity.” But one Montana woman should have done more research before she took to social media to boast. Now, Amber Rose’s case of mistaken identity is actually more of a case of “mistaken identification.”

Rose is from Miller City, Montana. Montana has a large population of wild critters, especially wolves. So, when Amber Rose smoked what she thought was a hybrid wolf pup, she never thought twice about it.

Nevertheless, when Rose started posting about her kill on social media, she sparked outrage. Apparently, what Rose thought was a wolf was actually a Siberian husky pup. When people saw the picture, they chastised Rose as being too ignorant to know the difference.

At first glance, the lack of resemblance to a wild animal is clear. The image looks like a Siberian husky. Rose did answer her critics by apologizing for being human. She wrote, “Yes, I made a mistake because I did think it was a hybrid wolf pup.”

As ugly as the incident is, it does appear that the young woman made an honest mistake. The pup was part of a group of 11 that apparently were dropped in the woods. It’s somewhat understandable how someone could make this mistake.

Furthermore, Rose claims she shot the animal in self-defense. One animal lover ridiculed Rose for posting her story. The reply read, “The fact she is calling it a pup concerns me. That she thinks it’s ok to hunt young animals, which, as you know, is not good for an area’s ecosystem.”

Under the circumstances, that opinion appears a little farfetched. Rose insists that her “safety was top priority. This animal was growling, howling, and coming at me like it was going to eat me.” If this is true, it’s an understandable explanation.

One part of this story that’s certain is that this was a case of mistaken identification. Regardless, why were a pack of puppies wandering about in the woods? Maybe the animal rights activist should have asked that question. Abandonment is far crueler than killing one in self-defense.

I had considered whether or not to post the pictures, but decided against doing so as to not risk offending anymore by doing so. I'm sure most of us don't like seeing dead dogs.

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