More Voter Fraud in Oregon: Non-Citizens Steps Up To Expose Corrupt Practices

Oregon has been trying to rig their elections not only by moving to a system where residents vote by mail, but they have been caught changing the political party affiliation of hundreds or even thousands of voters.

Residents are reporting that their party has been changed without their permission. This is mostly happening to Republican voters by switching them to "Not Affiliated". This prevents them from being able to vote for Republicans during the primary election.

As if all that wasn't bad enough already, Oregon State officials are denying that this is happening and last week they got help from Facebook to cover up the voter fraud.

As people are trying to spread the news about it, Oregon is trying to cover it up and they even got Facebook in on the cover-up.


This is all despite hundreds of testimonies that it is happening:

But now new details have emerged as a non-citizen stepped up and showed that she was automatically registered to vote via the motor voter bill and vote by mail.

“I just want to highlight to American citizens this does happen. I don’t know why there’s this blind belief that it cannot happen. It does happen, it happened to me. I’m here legally, but I’m not a citizen.”

So she sent an email asking how this happened and this is the response she received:

"You were originally registered on 07/02/2016 by the Motor Voter Program. The Motor Voter program is an automatic registration of voters who have obtained a new or renewal Oregon Drivers License.

The Secretary of State sends a letter to the voter who can either select a party, opt out of registration, or not respond. If there is no response, the voter is registered after twenty-two days as a nonaffiliated voter.

There are automatically registering people to be voters. This is insane. This person isn't even a citizen of the United States, but they registered her anyway.

Tell me again about how Democrats aren't trying to rig the election?

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