MSM Pushing the Newest Fear Tactic, No Longer Concerned About Murder Hornets

With every passing month in 2020, we are encountered by another "threat" to our well-being.

First, we obviously had the coronavirus which has been a legitimate threat. I would add to this though that there have been numerous cases of medical malpractice as reported by nurses who work at the hospitals. I would also mention that the numbers are still being exaggerated, too.

Then the media warned us that murder hornets have arrived in American and that we should all be afraid of them. And the sad thing is, people are so gullible that they'll think that everything is a murder hornet, when in fact it's not.

I actually have a friend I went to school with who shared a picture on Facebook of a "murder hornet" that she killed in her yard. Except it wasn't a murder hornet. I tried to tell her that it wasn't but she refused to believe it.

Why did she refuse? Because the media has brainwashed her into believing that they're everywhere.

Now the newest fear that the media is pushing is cannibal rats!

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently put out a warning about “unusual or aggressive” behavior in rats.

“Jurisdictions have closed or limited service at restaurants and other commercial establishments to help limit the spread of COVID-19. Rodents rely on the food and waste generated by these establishments. Community-wide closures have led to a decrease in food available to rodents, especially in dense commercial areas. Some jurisdictions have reported an increase in rodent activity as rodents search for new sources of food. Environmental health and rodent control programs may see an increase in service requests related to rodents and reports of unusual or aggressive rodent behavior,” the CDC said.

The U.S. health agency also said rats have been observed resorting to eating their young in the wake of urban shutdowns.

“The rats are not becoming aggressive toward people, but toward each other,” Bobby Corrigan, an urban rodentologist, told The New York Times on Sunday. “They’re simply turning on each other.”

“They are going to war with each other, eating each other’s young in some populations and battling each other for the food they can find,” Corrigan said. “But the rats that live and eat in residential blocks probably haven’t noticed a single bit of difference during the shutdown.”

Photo Credit: Eden, Janine, and Jim

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