Multiple Republican Governors Are Rejecting Biden and Putting People Back to Work

The concept of socialism can be debated depending on how you apply the theory. The radical shift of the Democrat Party in the United States dangerously approaches the ideology. Policies and ambitions from the radical progressive wing of the party support something inching ever so close to communism.

Many suspected Joe Biden was little more than a puppet presidential candidate prime to be manipulated by those pressing our democratic republic towards a socialist society. Early in Joe Biden's presidency, there has been an ever-increasing wave of legislation proving these concerns.

The most recent is another step towards an authoritarian socialist government through unemployment benefits. The Democrats have used the global pandemic created by China's unleashing of the (forbidden illness) on the world to press their nefarious agenda.

Through government intervention, there are millions of Americans getting paid more not to work than they would receive to go back to their jobs. Democrat policy is fueling a dangerous trend towards a loss of personal reliance towards overwhelming governmental support.

It is a socialist ideology based on a governmentally controlled welfare state. It is not what our free, democratic society, one rooted in the American dream, was built upon. Each time a Joe Biden policy reinforces this idea through government payouts, we inch closer to the edge of socialism.

While the checks are coming in the mail, this may seem like some form of utopia. When the government eventually tightens the purse strings, it will be too late to reverse course. Millions who took the bait will be driven into an agonizing state of poverty.

History is a wise teacher. Take a look at the tremendous gap between classes that has been created by every single nation who tried a form of socialism. Each has been a miserable failure. Government cannot and should not control the ability to work and the desire to improve oneself through effort.

That is the American Dream. Everyone born into this nation has that opportunity. Through hard work and dedication, each man and woman can pursue their dreams and ambitions. Republican governors across the nation are and should be alarmed.

They are doing their part to stem the wave of socialism trying to sweep across our nation. Republican governors are rejecting Joe Biden's $300 enhanced unemployment policy. It presents workers with a losing decision.

Any family struggling during the global pandemic to stay financially above water would be hard-pressed to turn down free money. It is akin to fool's gold. Like every socialist government in history, eventually, the rug will be yanked out from under these people.

Poverty will explode. The rich and elite governing radicals will seize control of power. Our nation will crumble from within. Our democracy will cease to exist. Socialist governments want the people to be submissive and dependent on governmental control.

We must fight back against this fateful push to alter our way of life. Thankfully, our constitution gifted immense powers to each individual state. It is time to use them to win an all-out war against socialism.

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