MUST READ: Teen Boy Guns Down 8th Grade Girl in Attack...Here's Why There Are No Riots

One of the most impactful court cases in American history is unfolding in Minneapolis, Minnesota. No one can argue that George Floyd had a lethal amount of Fentanyl in his system. However, what former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin did was wrong.

Whether his actions of detaining a visibly resistant Floyd down with his knee killed Floyd, this determination will be rendered from a jury of Chauvin's peers. That is the way the American system of justice works. It is our law.

Nevertheless, radical used Floyd's death last May as a rallying cry to destroy. These thugs did not care about George Floyd, and they don't care about him today. Their outrage was targeted at American, not a possible crime against a man of color. It is sad.

The media used George Floyd's death in a similar fashion. Mainstream media talking heads waxed poetically about "mostly peaceful protests" across our nation. They warbled while buildings over their shoulder flamed to the ground.

If it were not so sad, it might have been funny. Still, millions of Americans agree on one thing. The violence that seems to ensue after any of these tragedies involving people of different colors is disgraceful. It is wrong. It is not how we act in a nation of laws. Furthermore, it is lawlessness.

Despite the massive amount of evidence pointing to the race and ethnicity of a vast percentage of America's perceived criminals, any time a white police officer kills a black person, it's front page news. Such events are incessantly plastered across the mainstream media.

But buried under blankets of meaningless news stories is one that just occurred in Richmond, Virginia. An eighth-grade girl in Richmond was shot and killed. Like George Floyd's untimely death, it's sad. However, it was given little to no national news coverage.

It was not a little black girl or black boy shot by a white person. Lucia Bremer is white and her alleged teenage killer is black. It was not an accident. Bremer was shot multiple times. She died at a Richmond area hospital.

The notice of Lucia's death was posted on social media. There was an understandable outpouring of sympathy from the local community. However, there was little to zero attention given by the large media outlets who are prone to feed on such violence. Why would that be?

Anyone who has been paying attention understands the reason. The killing of a young white girl by a young black man contradicts the radical assertion that the United States of America is a horrible, irretrievably wicked racist nation.

We're just all bad people. Are now and always have been. We're full of white supremacists, cops and citizens alike, who hate all other races. Anyone with any common sense knows this is malarkey. It isn't true.

But the mainstream media, riding the coattails of the radical Democrat party, cannot allow their agenda to be derailed by frivolous things such as a black teenager shooting a white teenager, not to mention multiple times.

That might mean bad people do bad things regardless of what color their skin is. Lucia Bremer's friends sadly lament the loss of a fun and an amazing young person whose family operated a local produce business. Where is the national outrage over this race-on-race murder?

It's not about Lucia Bremer's death, or George Floyd's death. Neither matter in the eyes of the radicals in charge. They hate America. We are bad because we're racist Mongols. Any death or hardship that does not meet with their agenda isn't newsworthy.

Anything that distorts their narrative gets buried. Too bad, because that's the same thing that happened to George Floyd, and after a sad funeral will happen to Lucia Bremer. They are not different in this respect. They are both dead. Our nation spewed outrage from shore to shore over Floyd's death. Where is the outrage over Lucia's death?

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