MUST WATCH! Joe Biden's Online Town Hall Disaster

Joe Biden might as well face it; he's more out of touch with reality, society, and technology than anyone else who has ever run for president, even more so than Hillary Clinton.

The coronavirus is affecting every aspect of our lives, not just here but across the world. But in the United States, this is a very important year and critical time because we have a presidential election coming up in November and the Democrats are still trying to decide who their nominee is going to be to face off against President Trump.

Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are the two candidates left. Sure, you could technically say that Tulsi Gabbard is still in the race, but she's really not because she's not doing anything.

However, with the coronavirus affecting the two candidates not being able to get out and host their rallies, this delivers quite a hit to them.

Biden's campaign decided to host a virtual rally for Illinois last week since he couldn't do it in person, and it was a fantastic wreck!

One of the things that Biden did was prove he's not mentally there because he didn't even know when he would be president if he won the election.

“Providing for the additional funding that would provide for no hidden bills etc,” Biden said. “And I could get it done and I could get it done quickly and people would be covered. But even I can’t do that for another two year, another year, between now and November. Or actually January.”

Then later on Biden strangely just wanders his way off camera while he's still answering a question. This guy has no idea of what is going on. I truly do wonder if he is suffering from Alzheimer's.

You'll notice that someone tried to cover up the walk-off by inserting the Biden logo into the video.

Here is the full town hall if you'd like to see it. It's worth a good laugh.

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