Nancy Pelosi Severely Suffering from Debilitating Trump Derangement Syndrome - Can't Even Say His Name

House Speaker Nasty Nancy Pelosi is so taken by her Trump Derangement Syndrome that she can't even utter the name Donald Trump.

A reporter asked Pouty Pelosi about the possibility of Trump seeking reelection in 2024.

The reporter said, "Trump has indicated that he plans to announce a 2024 run in the next month or so. What impact would that have on the midterms, and would it benefit Democrats, in your opinion.”

The House Speaker responded, "Do I ever even mention his name? Would I even waste my time talking about him?”

You've got to get a look at this. It's just sad.

It seems increasingly likely that Trump will make his choice regarding the election in the near future. Late last week, he stated that he had made a choice and was "mulling" when to share it with the world.

Pelosi did speak about the impending upcoming midterm elections. The party in power will be put to the test in these elections. In the first midterm election under a new president, it is customary for the incumbent party to lose seats.

“What I will say is – and I’ll say this, and I’ve said it again and again: Democrats have absolutely no intention of losing the House in November, and the Senate, too. We are mobilized, we are fortified, we have great candidates and we have a great – our country is at risk. Our Democracy is at risk,” Pelosi said.

That wasn’t all, she added, “But what we are campaigning on are the kitchen table issues that affect America’s working families. So they know the difference between a Democratic and Republican Administration on top of Congress, on top of which – on top of which our Democracy is at stake.”

Pelosi merely declined to make predictions about 2024. "Even if it's a past occasional occupant of the White House," she continued.

This pitiful old woman can't even say his name because her hatred for him is so deep.

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