Nasty Joe Biden Grabs Little Boy's Hand…Secretly Stuffs Mask Into His Hand (VIDEO)

Joe Biden recently flew to Kentucky for a political event. The governor of the state was there as was his young son. In typical Biden style, he did something extremely bizarre.

Unfortunately for Governor Andy Beshear's little boy, he was the subject of Mr. Biden's disgusting action that took place that day.

President Biden stepped up close to the boy, and he struck up a conversation with him. After that, things got pretty weird. Joe Biden reached for his own dirty mask, and he handed it to the kid.

He stuffed it into the little boy's hand. It was a lot like if someone were to secretly slip a maitre d' a $20 bill to get a better table. Biden's action was completely inappropriate. To the youngster's credit, he remained polite but looked very uncomfortable.

The governor's son was clearly shocked when he realized he was holding the filthy black mask. The president stood there smiling. It was a very awkward scene, and many people thought that Biden's decision to do that was bizarre and disgusting. The weird event was caught on video, and the video has gone viral. Except for a few journalists, the media did not mention it.

Do you know what amazes me? How is it that grown adults still allow children to even get close to Joe Biden? He's a known groper of little kids. He's a way too friendly with women, but he's especially friendly with little girl, too friendly. Seriously though, he should be put on a sex offender list and have a permanent restraining order issued against him to where he needs to stay 100 feet away, or maybe even more.

But as I always say, he's a Democrat so he gets to get away with a slap on the wrist.

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