New Breakthrough Discovery May Make COVID-19 Vaccines Unnecessary

Remember when the COVID-19 vaccine was proclaimed the only way you could avoid catching the deadly virus? According to the so-called experts, the vaccine would prevent anyone who takes it from getting COVID. It didn’t.

In fact, new evidence strongly suggests the vaccinated may be more prone to catching COVID-19 variants than the unvaccinated. But there’s even more. Research is beginning to reveal an alarming number of deadly side effects being caused by the hastily approved vaccine.

The spike in unexplained deaths in otherwise healthy individuals is a cause for growing concern. There are now questions about whether getting vaccinated against the virus was necessary at all. A new scientific breakthrough out of Tel Aviv University has produced a startling discovery.

Scientists at the university have isolated two antibodies that neutralize all known strains of COVID-19. This includes all variants, including Omicron. The antibodies appear to have an efficacy of up to 95 percent.

However, what’s disturbing is where these antibodies come from. They are being taken from patients who have recovered from the virus. The antibodies that the scientists isolated from the immune systems of naturally recovered patients are neutralizing all known strains.

This profound discovery could erase the need to continue to call for booster vaccinations. Using the natural immunity approach will strengthen the immune systems of populations at risk. Nevertheless, this discovery may not be a welcome advancement for Big Pharma.

But the information in this study isn’t new. This study is a continuation of preliminary research from October 2020. At the peak of the COVID-19 crisis, scientists in Israel sequenced all the B immune system cells from the blood of patients who had recovered from the original strain.

The Tel Aviv University research is led by Dr. Natalia Freund. Dr. Freund believes this is a monumental breakthrough in treating all coronaviruses. Her research indicates there may no longer be a need for excessive booster shots to combat the virus.

She says, “In our view, targeted treatment with antibodies and their delivery to the body in high concentrations can serve as an effective substitute for repeated boosters, especially for at-risk populations and those with weakened immune systems.”

This breakthrough scientific discovery is welcome news to a beleaguered world faced with a never-ending need to get boosted. However, it may not sit well with Big Pharma execs. This exciting new way to deal with the coronavirus will put a dent in their cash cow.

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