Here's What "Experts" Predicted for Coronavirus for November

If this model holds true then we're really going to be looking forward to November.

Scientists at Singapore University of Technology and Design have come up with a new model for what they believe based on the available data will happen with the coronavirus.

This new model predicts that coronavirus will effectively be gone by November and that there will not be any second wave of the virus as some "scientists" have been predicting.

According to the data, the US is on track to be coronavirus-free by November 11, while the UK could see an earlier end date of September 30. The model predicts the trajectory of the spread of the virus over time while tracking the actual number of new confirmed cases per day in a given country.

In the US, changes in predictions were tracked over a one-week period between May 6 and May 12, and found to be relatively stable, suggesting a ‘long time to reach its theoretical ending’.

‘The estimated curves of USA for a week together, showing a high stability, while one might still want additional policies or actions to further shorten the tails of the curves,’ the report states.

The study also found predictive monitoring in early May showed the US – and second worst-hit country Brazil – could ‘still suffer’ for the remainder of the year if current measures remain in place and without the development of a vaccine.

For Italy, which once led the world in confirmed coronavirus cases, the modeling showed it was predicted to recover by October 24, as of May 8.

This has certain other implications as well. This means that while it may be pretty much gone by November 11th, it will be present in very small amounts throughout the country before this time as well.

We've already seen the numbers continuing to drop already. In fact, Sunday was the lowest day of recorded deaths that we've had since March when it was all just starting. That's with the numbers being fudged also.

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