New Website Fights YouTube Censorship By Publishing Deleted Videos

One of the things I always mention to people is that if someone would just create an alternative to some of these liberal social media sites, they would become a billionaire.

There are some Facebook alternatives, but they really can't compete with Facebook. It really needs to be a very good alternative and not something cheap and lacks the functionality of Facebook.

Finally, there is one website that has taken on one of the websites that is censoring everyone...YouTube.

YouTube has been deleted any content lately that even questions the coronavirus response.

For example, one video that has went viral lately is the Plandemic video which is part of a larger coming documentary. It has been deleted hundreds if not thousands of times.

The creator of the site shared how it started the website:

I started it in February 2019 because the internet that I helped build (albeit in a small way) had become dominated by gigantic players who were vacuuming up all types of information at an alarming rate, and increasingly dictating what could or could not be said.

I began my career in technology selling HP personal computers to businesses door to door in NYC in 1984.

I worked for a NYC bank in tech support, then the world’s 2nd/3rd largest computer company at the time (Digital Equip Corp.) for 7 years, before starting my own tech consulting company in Atlanta, Georgia.

We became a corporate Internet Service Provider (ISP) for non-profits, small businesses, hospitals, and a Fortune 100 client until the sale to a public company in late 1999.

The “IP on everything” internet that we helped small organizations use to share info, exactly like their largest corporate competitors, is not recognizable to me today. It has become a global mass surveillance tool wielded by enormous unchecked monopolies and increasingly authoritarian governments.

I believe that governments have always surreptitiously collected information to a degree (Telex, SWIFT, etc). The difference now is the sheer quantity of info (everything) and the number of people (the planet).

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