New Woke Social Media Platform Launches to Fight "Elon Musk's MAGA Twitter"

People had to wonder why liberals lost their minds when an advocate for free speech announced he wanted to purchase a prominent social media platform. Why would this trouble those in the “supposedly open and all-inclusive” left?

Wouldn’t “all-inclusive” allude to a desire to have everybody’s opinion heard? Or does the left only want their own opinions heard? When Elon Musk first announced his bid to purchase social media giant Twitter, the liberal left lost their collective minds.

It was actually quite amusing to watch. A man, who, by his own admission, does not fully adhere to conservative ideology, was denounced as an evil wealthy elite and a danger to democracy. Seriously? Many experts failed to make the connection.

That’s because there wasn’t one. What Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter means is that the liberal left has lost one of their key tools for censoring public discourse. Liberal leaders can no longer secretly order their Twitter trolls to silence conversations they don’t like.

The liberal left has now lost their ability to silence opinion, even if it’s the majority opinion. They’ve totally lost their minds over Musk’s buying of Twitter. Now, the progressive left can no longer censor stories like the “origin of COVID-19” or Hunter Biden’s nefarious “laptop from hell.”

The left’s ability to censor public conversation is gone. But right on cue, they’re attempting to concoct another method of controlling the public narrative. In a feeble effort to supposedly “provide an alternative platform,” Omar Rivero has created “Tribel.”

Yes, that is the name this bright fellow chose. Obviously, Mr. Rivero isn’t in the same intellectual class as Mr. Musk. But nonetheless, Mr. Rivero says he has a wonderful “new alternative to Musk’s MAGA Twitter”.

In a statement, Tribel announced, “A new grassroots social network is finally here, one that has safeguards in place that will put morality, truth, and We the People first.” But when we dig deeper into Mr. Rivero, a startling revelation is discovered.

Mr. Rivero also runs “Occupy Democrats.” Gee whiz, Mr. Musk has no political ties to any grassroots radical organization. But (again, supposedly), Mr. Musk is a threat to democracy. However, a radical leftist, with blatant ties to liberals, is going to save free speech.

If you think this is hogwash, then you’d be pretty spot on. As evidence of Tribel’s immediate use of leftist censorship, they’ve banned users before they even sign up. Tribel banned Elon Musk, former President Donald Trump, his son Donald Jr., and, of course, “Ye” West.

None of these individuals have made a single post on the leftist platform. But Tribel insists that, “We ban racists for life.” So, that must mean someone on Tribel’s elite internal staff of geeks must be the self-proclaimed purveyor of what constitutes racism.

Our nation is rapidly changing. According to the left, anyone who advocates for free speech is a Nazi. We find that rather amusing. History proves that the Nazis were for anything but free speech. Nazism related to free speech is the epitome of an oxymoron.

But Elon Musk is being vilified as a Nazi. He’s not. But he is a very wealthy man who got tired of watching the radical left censor and cancel anyone who disagrees with their views. Elon Musk believes in free speech. He insists it to be critical to the health of our democracy.

Speaking one’s mind is America’s most cherished value. At one time, this was the foundation of liberal ideology. Now, it’s been flip-flopped upside down. It’s because liberals are no longer freedom-loving nonconformists. Conformity is the new foundation for leftist liberals.

While they claim to be for all-inclusive free speech, they use weapons to silence opposing opinions. Americans see through the charade. But at least the “liberal tribes’ persons” will have a “safe space” to cry and complain amongst themselves, poor pitiful souls that they’ve become.

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