New York Science Teacher “Follows Her Own Science” – Illegally Vaccinates a Student (VIDEO)

COVID insanity is almost as bad as the deadly virus itself. Like wearing a mask, outdoors, let alone miles away from another living creature, sometimes the madness affects only the individual. However, other examples of unhinged COVID paranoia are maniacal.

Apparently, the COVID crazies took over the good judgment and logic of one New York teacher. In a complete violation of common sense, let alone New York state law, a Herricks Public School teacher in New Hyde Park, New York vaccinated a 17-year-old student at her home.

Laura Russo was arrested on New Year’s Eve and charged under the New York State Education Law Unauthorized Practice of a Profession. Russo gave what appears to be a COVID-19 vaccination to a student at her home.

The shot was administered without parental consent, let alone by a non-healthcare professional. Again, whatever logic this school teacher used to think this was okay evades all common sense. The pair was even so brazen as to record the illegal shot on video.

The student’s facial identity has been blurred. This is a prime example of how far the COVID craziness has gone. For a schoolteacher to assume they are medically qualified to administer a vaccination seems beyond reality.

However, it happened. No one knows how Russo got her hands on a COVID-19 vaccination without medical clearance. How many more vials of the vaccination does this deranged teacher have in her possession?

What if there are complications from the shot? What if someone she vaccinated ultimately dies from side effects? A logical mind would immediately assume this would constitute nothing short of negligent homicide.

However, complications or not, a school teacher doling out medicine is criminal. Evidently, the Sea Cliff, New York authorities agree. This was not her child. Russo does not have the proper medical license to disperse medicine, let alone a vaccination.

The vaccine that Russo gave the teenager isn’t even approved for kids his age. This New York science teacher is not the first to push for vaccines without parental consent. In California, how surprising, a teacher distributed free pizza to any kid who showed up to get “the jab”.

Talk about using bait. One mother of a 13-year-old said her son showed up at home with a completed vaccination card. The student, from Barack Obama Global Prep Academy in South Los Angeles, surprise, said he agreed to get vaccinated in exchange for a free slice.

Just when you think the insanity caused by a global pandemic is bad enough, we hear about situations such as these. These teachers defy logic. Maybe the New York science teacher decided to “follow her own science”. Hopefully, she’ll follow the bailiff out of the courtroom on January 21, into a jail cell.

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