Nike Ayers Sworn in as VP Pence's New Chief of Staff

Mike Pence took some time this week congratulating Nike Ayers, his new Chief of Staff, who was sworn in officially Friday. This was missed by mainstream media due to the resignation of White House chief of staff Reince Preibus.

with Ayers sending some love to the Vice President,

As reported by Yahoo! News:

Unlike the Preibus-Kelly shakeup, which took some by surprise, the vice president's change in staff lacks similar drama and intrigue.

Pence's office announced in late June that Ayers, a longtime political operative from Georgia who advised Pence during the 2016 campaign and while he served as Indiana governor, would in August replace Josh Pitcock.

"I am pleased to welcome Nick Ayers to the Office of the Vice President," Pence said in a statement at the time. "During my years as Governor, then as a candidate and serving as Vice President, I have come to appreciate Nick's friendship, keen intellect and integrity and I couldn’t be more excited to have him come to the White House as my Chief of Staff. I am sincerely grateful to him, and his wife Jamie, for their willingness to serve our office and this administration."

And Ayers, who has been a leader of the pro-Trump outside group America First Policies, said, "I have such deep respect and admiration for the Pence’s and believe so deeply in the policies the Vice President and the President are fighting for. Leaving Georgia –- albeit temporarily -– was only possible because of how important my wife and I believe this mission is. I am honored with the trust the Vice President has in me and excited to serve in this capacity."

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