NO DOG IN THIS FIGHT - Bounty Hunter Calls It Quits on Search for Brian Laundry

The nation has been gripped by the horrific disappearance and eventual discovery of Gabby Petito’s dead body. This story has been shrouded in mystery from the first reports of her disappearance after she was last seen in Wyoming.

The recent coroner’s report signifies this beautiful young woman was strangled to death. It has compounded the horrific nature behind her disappearance and amplified the sadness over her death. It has also swelled the nation’s bitterness surrounding what appears to have happened.

The disappearance and ultimate death of Gabby Petito has triggered sentiment in everyday Americans and various celebrities. Dog the Bounty Hunter brought his expertise to the search. He helped search for clues surrounding the mysterious disappearance of Petito’s boyfriend Brian Laundrie.

The gruesome final report of how she was killed has exploded the story even more. Experts have pondered over why it took so long to release the cause of death. Many believe that law enforcement is maintaining a reserved approach to avoid compromising a solid murder case.

Now that a cause of death has been released in the Petito case, the search for her boyfriend Brian Laundrie grows even more intense. While Laundrie is currently only listed as a person of interest, he is already looking at federal credit card fraud charges.

The idea that he is a murder suspect is on everyone’s mind. Some believe his mysterious disappearance, days after returning to his parent’s North Port, Florida home without Petito, are strongly indicative of his potential guilt.

TV personality Dog the Bounty Hunter has brought his expertise to the search for Laundrie. Dog the Bounty Hunter’s real name is Duane Chapman. Chapman just recently flew back to his home in Colorado to rest a sprained ankle.

Apparently, Chapman injured the ankle while helping search the dense Carlton Reserve swamp area in Sarasota County, Florida. While Chapman has been forced to step back from the search, his daughter posted an interesting message on Twitter.

Lyssa Chapman said, “The bait has been set”. This seems to point to the possibility that law enforcement has prepared some type of trap for Laundrie. Evidence of an abandoned campsite inside the sprawling Florida nature preserve was discovered only a few days ago.

It’s a place where Laundrie apparently told his parents he liked to frequent. This is the latest twist in a provocative case that has been filled with twists. A Laundrie family attorney announced the latest revelation.

It seems that Laundrie had returned to North Port earlier than some had reported. Attorney Steven Bertolino says Laundrie came back to Florida days earlier, and then returned to Salt Lake City by plane six days later on August 23.

Dog the Bounty Hunter has been forced to discontinue his efforts to assist law enforcement. However, Chapman’s expert assistance in Florida has helped narrow the window of opportunity for Laundrie to escape prosecution. The death of Gabby Petito is a tragedy.

There is no denying the case is shrouded in mystery. However, the discovery of a fresh campsite in Florida, and the revelation of how she was murdered, casts an ominous new light on a domestic dispute between Petito and Laundrie that went viral. Someone killed a young woman violently, and hopefully that person will pay the ultimate penalty for this heinous crime.

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