No More Shots? Future Of COVID Vaccines Might Have a Different Mode of Administration

How many things have the “so-called medical authorities and scientific experts” told Americans that turned out to be totally wrong? We lost count. It all began with “two weeks to flatten the curve”. So, how did that work out for the country?

Two years later, America has been up and down so many COVID curves that we’d be nauseous if it were a theme park roller coaster ride. That’s about what this pandemic has been. How about the constant “twists and turns” of information about masks?

We were told to not wear them because we didn’t need them. And then, they were mandated, seemingly the second you walked out your front door. Gradually, research surfaced, which showed that masks never really did much of anything, except steal human facial interaction.

Experts insist that most masks do not work against the coronavirus, including all its perfectly packaged little variants. If the mask narrative was a U.S. road, it’d be nicknamed “The Tail of the Dragon!” But then we had the “big one” boasted by the “big guy”.

In July 2021, Joe Biden looked right into the eyes of the American people and told them to get the vaccine. Sleepy Joe stayed alert long enough to boldly inform Americans that, “You're OK. You're not going to; you're not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations.”

One year later to the day, Joe Biden, “vaccinated and double-boosted Joe Biden”, tested positive. Nice try, Joe! Getting the vaccine was mandated on troves of American workers, many of whom were forced to quit their jobs rather than be injected with an experimental drug.

Americans were assured that the vaccine was like a firewall against the virus. It isn’t. “Getting vaccinated is patriotic” they screamed! In fact, there are new statistics that show vaccinated and boosted “patriotic Americans” appear to be more prone to catching new variants.

Nice try, “science”! But hold on to your hats, America! The days of “the jab” may be over. Soon, ready and waiting on pharmaceutical shelves, will be an assortment of “COVID-19 ammunition”. First, grab yourself an easy can of “COVID nasal spray”.

Just a squirt a day up your nostril, and you’ve got a “steel curtain” against infection. We suppose these guarantees will somewhat fall in line with the boasts about the vaccine? And if you shutter at cramming something up your nose, Big Pharma has the “COVID patch”!

Don’t forget to get your “COVID nasal spray and handy COVID patch”, now available at local “drug peddlers” near you! What a crock of B.S. This is yet another claim of “super human immunity” that should make people extremely skeptical.

When will the scientific community step away from “manufactured COVID prevention”? Where are the conversations about how to help human beings boost their natural immunity to combat these “man-made viruses”? What about the level of danger inherent in being “unhealthy”?

Do we possibly suppose that a “healthier America” might grow increasingly more resistant to various viral variants? How about some discussion on how taking better care of our personal health might drastically reduce the risk of catching “ANY” type of virus?

Wouldn’t it seem logical that if America reduced the number of obese and immune compromised people in our population, serious illness and death related to COVID might follow? It seems rather fishy that a “man-made cure” is the only strategy to fight a “man-made virus”.

Similarly, this is all too convenient for Big Pharma executives' bank accounts and the overflowing pockets of Democrat Party donors, the liberals who back these crooks. “Two weeks to flatten the curve” was a sham. “Masks prevent the spread of the virus” is a sham.

Getting the COVID-19 vaccine to prevent you from catching the virus is a sham. But now they’ve got a new sales pitch. Blast experimental sprays up your nose, or slap a suspicious patch on your arm to stave off infection. Kind of like the vaccine; we think we’ll wait for the results.

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