Nord Stream Pipeline Sabataged! The Country Who Benefits the Most Will Shock You

Often times, acts of sabotage are linked to terrorist organizations. Islamic extremists and other terrorist groups are known for blowing things up. The international community is trying to figure out who triggered one of the most intricate explosions in history.

The explosion that sabotaged the Nord Stream pipeline had to happen deep below the surface of the Baltic Sea. At least two underwater explosions in the Baltic were recorded on Monday. The first blast happened at around 2:00 AM and the second at 7:04 PM the same day.

Two gas leak warnings were issued on Monday. Also on Monday, the Coast Guard was alerted by passing ships that there was a strange seething at the ocean’s surface. Bjorn Lund is an expert seismologist at the Swedish National Seismic Network at Uppsala University.

Lund was immediately entrusted with investigating this strange seismic activity. His first determination was that the explosions happened in the water, not under the rocky seabed. This essentially rules out the possibility of an earthquake.

These were explosions that were not part of any military exercise in the Baltic Sea. Someone purposefully caused them. But who would be responsible for sabotaging a vastly important source of natural gas for Europe?

If the world were to entrust the world-renowned fictional sleuth Hercule Poirot, the Belgian would begin his investigation with a series of deductions. Poirot begins with everyone being a suspect. He usually points to every character in the Agatha Christie novel as being guilty.

As Poirot glances around a room full of suspects, he often pinpoints the means, motives, and opportunity for each. However, as he progresses towards the point where he divulges the guilty party, he begins to eliminate one or more of these necessary determiners of guilt.

Eventually, the excitement builds towards the finale when Poirot exposes the culprit. But the world cannot turn to Hercule Poirot to uncover the villain who blew up an underground gas line. We must rely on investigators from agencies, some of which are influenced by politics.

There is a high probability that at least one set of investigators will come from the guilty party. It’s rather unlikely that a run-of-the-mill terrorist group could have orchestrated a plot of such magnitude.

It would be literally impossible to get the explosives to their destination without being detected. International surveillance is at its pinnacle with a war raging in a nearby country. Whoever committed this act of sabotage had to be able to pilot the Baltic Sea without raising suspicion.

That list of countries is automatically reduced to only those with adequate naval intelligence as well. There is no way a third-world country with a rag-tag navy could pull this off. The list of countries that could do it is short.

To accomplish this sabotage, the guilty party must have means or weapon, motive or reason, and opportunity or access. If not, the case unravels. Let’s inspect the five most likely suspects based on these criteria: Germany, Great Britain, France, the United States, Russia, and China.

Now, in Poirot fashion, let’s start to eliminate the suspects by erasing one or more of the critical criteria. Any activity in the Baltic Sea today by China or France would have triggered immediate red flags. There is little chance they could remotely have access or opportunity.

China might have the means and a slight motive, but both of those are feeble at best. The same scenario applies to France. China and France simply could not get the necessary vessels into the Baltic Sea without being spotted.

The same geographic challenges might apply to the United States as well. However, the U.S. has ships in every major ocean across the globe. A U.S. naval presence in the Baltic Sea would not trigger much suspicion, if any at all.

But let’s consider another potential suspect first. Germany is on the receiving end of the Nord Stream’s energy. But the pipeline is an energy lifeline to the German people. Why would a country sabotage a source of affordable energy for its citizens?

German industries are being nationalized because of the lack of energy due to sanctions on Russia. There have been protests for the German government to step away from the sanctions. They’re facing a crisis this coming winter. There’s little chance German is guilty, very little at all.

Now we’re down to a pair of suspects. The first is Russia. If Russia is guilty of sabotaging its own pipeline, it would be akin to a murderer killing its “cash cow.” Shooting oneself in the foot is another analogy that would apply.

Russia also has the valve for the Nord Stream at their end of the pipeline. Rather than blow up a portion, Russia could simply turn off the spigot. It’s that simple. Putin has no motive for destroying his own pipeline and every motive for keeping it intact. Russia didn’t do it.

Another viable suspect might be Great Britain. However, Britain is suffering mightily from the sanctions as well. Britain’s economy is a mess. The U.K. central bank is feverishly trying to stabilize the nation’s economic fortunes.

Great Britain just appointed a new prime minister as well. The new government has a host of critical problems to address. Besides, the Queen just died. It’s just bloody unlikely that the Brits would even attempt to pull off such an act of aggression.

So, if you’re now scratching your head as we have reduced the suspects down to one, you’re probably asking, WHY? Why would the United States be guilty of exploding a stretch of underground pipeline in Eastern Europe?

We think Hercule Poirot would have fun exposing this villain. We’ve already exposed the U.S. as having opportunity. The U.S. could easily float around in the Baltic Sea without sending up any red flags. But does the United States have a motive for such an act?

The U.S. has assumed the bulk of the energy needs for parts of Europe. It’s logical that, with winter fast approaching, Germany may have lightened up on its sanction stance. Germany may have elected to keep its people from freezing to death first.

A sabotaged Nord Stream erases this possibility. Now Germany, and other European nations, is beholden to the current administration for vital energy. But then there is something akin to a smoking gun. Most appreciate how entangled the Biden family is with Ukrainian energy.

Hunter Biden’s corrupt connection to the crooked Ukrainian oligarchs is well documented. These connections do not benefit from the energy flowing through the Nord Stream. However, the benefit dramatically if that source is shut off, permanently.

As evidence of a potential smoking gun, the USS Kearsarge was documented to have been within 30 miles of the alleged sabotage spot. The USS Kearsarge is the largest amphibious warship in the world. The crew and officers on this vessel could easily pull this off.

But some will immediately insist this could trigger a war with Russia. That may nail Joe Biden’s case slam shut. His popularity is spiraling downward. A war with Russia would instantly divert the nation’s attention. Blowing up the Nord Stream would probably be deemed an act of war.

He could instruct the crooked mainstream media to focus 100 percent of its coverage on the perceived aggression by Vladimir Putin. But the U.S. threw the first punch. It’s called “Wag the Dog.” A senseless war with Russia would fit perfectly with the corrupt Biden Family history.

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