NSA Agent Proves Our Government Agencies Are Not Secure and Deals with Foreign Agents

As the war in Ukraine rages on, disturbing things continue to happen. Many are baffled at who might be responsible for sabotaging the Nord Stream pipeline. Incidents of espionage are also being exposed. A transgender U.S. Army doctor and his wife have been arrested.

These two are accused of trying to secretly funnel medical records to Russian operatives. Recently, an NSA agent was arrested for peddling U.S. secrets to what he thought was a Russian operative. Jareh Sebastian Dalke worked for the U.S. National Security Agency.

According to reports, Dalke was an information systems security designer. He was arrested when he went to meet with what he thought was a Russian agent. However, the individual Dalke met with was an undercover FBI agent working out of the Denver, Colorado office.

Dalke allegedly established his communications with what he thought was a Russian agent to transfer classified U.S. intelligence information. In August, Dalke asked for $85,000 for information he had.

He also indicated he would continue to share sensitive information in the future. Dalke wasn’t working for the NSA when he made contact with the FBI. However, he did reapply to the NSA in late August 2022.

Reports indicate that Dalke supposedly told the undercover FBI agent that he learned that his “heritage ties back to your country.” Dalke said this is why he chose to betray his own country. He also said he was “disenchanted with the U.S.’s role in damaging the world.”

The former NSA agent also said he had “a desire to cause change.” Two of the documents were labeled as “Top Secret.” Dalke has been charged with three violations of the Espionage Act. If found guilty, he could be sent to prison for life or be executed as a foreign spy.

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