Nunes Was Right: Evidence Points to Comey Setting Up an Obstruction Trap for Trump

New text messages between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page appears to show that they had set Trump up for obstruction of justice charges but he disappointed them when he cooperated fully and did nothing to obstruct the probe.

Right from the beginning of the collusion hoax, investigators were working on an obstruction probe. That has to mean they knew collusion was a fake and they concentrated on obstruction in order to drive Trump from office.

But he fooled them and did not obstruct the investigation in any way and spoiled it for Mueller and his dirty cops. Devin Nunes explained what he believes was the plan from the very beginning.

From The Gateway Pundit

Representative Devin Nunes in an interview on FOX News said the following:

What we really need to know [from Mueller] is when did he know about collusion, you know, whether or not it was true.  I say it had to have been right when he walked in that door.  He may have wanted to check a few things.

But I think a larger question is on obstruction of justice.  The obstruction of justice charge was about Comey’s memo’s, that he had fired Comey.  What I’ve been trying to say, I said on your podcast last week, I think what the American people need to understand is this investigation is not about collusion, even though they say it was.

It wasn’t about obstruction of justice because that was about the firing of Comey.

I believe what is was was that they set an obstruction of justice trap that lasted for the better part of two years!

The following texts between the corrupt lovers Strzok and Page occurred on June 7, 2017 –

5:05 pm Peter Strzok text: Unless you’ve got something going, I would. We’re starting obstruction team brief but just come. Sit in on whatever comes next.

5:06 pm Lisa Page text: I mean, I’ve got lots of work to do. But okay. Who is in it?

5:08 pm Peter Strzok text: Don’t then. I’m just saying, come over here and stick your head in. I’ve gotten more the past couple of days after hours talking with Aaron [Zebley] and [redacted] then all day the past week and a half. Was not suggesting it for any particular reason, just a dive in sort of thing. If you have work to do, I’d say do it.

7:06 pm Lisa Page text: I left. F it. There’s no amount of time I can spend and finish everything. Whatevs.

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