Obama Get Blasted After Planning Super Spreader Event

Joe Biden won't be attending Barack Obama's 60th birthday party. The potential super-spreader event boasts a guest list of 500 and a staff of 200. Predictably, plenty of celebs will attend.

Oprah Winfrey, she of "...and they just have to die" fame, will join George Clooney, Steven Spielberg, and other famous guests at the Obamas' $11.75 million house in Martha's Vineyard to celebrate the globalists' entry into senior citizenship.

The party will take place near another recent CCP virus hotspot. July 4th celebrations involving over 60,000 people in Provincetown, Massachusetts, have been linked to nearly 1000 COVID cases.

Someone with ties to the upcoming event said that everyone must be vaccinated to attend but didn't indicate how guests will prove their status. There will even be a "COVID coordinator" on hand to monitor the situation.

Of course, the Democrat legislators that fled Texas for D.C. showed us that vaccinated people spread the virus anyway, so it's hard to imagine that guests will leave unscathed.

At least Joe Biden won't be directly affected; he has no plans to attend the party -- likely for the sake of optics. A spokesperson said that Biden will welcome Obama into the over-60 club when they catch up at a future date.

However, Obama was blasted by Piers Morgan,

"The biggest test in these hyper partisan days is to switch names on any breaking news story involving a politician and see if the same criticism still applies. So, imagine for a moment that Donald Trump was throwing a massive birthday party for himself and 475 conservative friends in Martha’s Vineyard next weekend? What do you think the reaction would be from liberals, given that America is currently in the grip of a very dangerous new phase of the coronavirus pandemic with the Delta variant of COVID that has seen infections rise 148% in the past two weeks and hospitalizations by 73%?"

“I think we all know what Trump’s liberal critics would say: that it’s shamefully selfish, incredibly reckless, and a former President of the United States should be setting a better example to the American people at such a perilous time for the country,” Morgan posited, adding, “And they would be right. But it’s not President Trump who is having the party, it’s President Barack Obama.”

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