Old Tweet by Karine Jean-Pierre About Georgia Gubernatorial Race Comes Back to Haunt Her

The White House Press Secretary is the spokesperson for the President of the United States. It is an important position. The press secretary is the president’s contact person with the American media. Many media professionals covet the honor.

Most administrations conduct daily press briefings. Occasionally, the sessions can become somewhat contentious. It’s not too common, as publicly debated policies can lend themselves to journalistic wrangling. Jen Psaki has been Joe Biden’s mouthpiece.

She has been a parrot for the radically progressive left within the Democrat Party. These ideologues completely control the narrative within the party. Often, it’s sad to watch. Psaki has regularly sparred with more conservative members of the press corps.

This abrasive attitude has not won her many friends within the conservative ranks. But Jen is moving on to greener pastures, as they say. In perfect lockstep, the radical press secretary is gravitating her way to a new gig at the “king of liberal news”, MSNBC.

If this seems like a coincidence, it’s not. How Psaki was permitted to stay in such a critical role in our government while knowingly heading for a lucrative position at a highly liberal network has baffled most. But that’s how the sneaky left operates.

So, who is going to be the new bullhorn for the radical left? Joe Biden has picked Karine Jean-Pierre to be the new administrative spokesperson. Who is Karine Jean-Pierre? Jean-Pierre has served in the capacity of White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary.

This seems like a rather lengthy title for the second in command. Likewise, the new press secretary would never be confused as a moderate. Jean-Pierre started her career climb in politics, by working for a liberal New York City Councilman.

Her ambitious nature became obvious. She got her first taste of the political campaign trail by working for presidential candidate John Edwards. Jean-Pierre kept climbing fast, very fast. By 2008, she had a spot within the Barack Obama campaign.

Obama added her to his administration as the White House Office of Political Affairs. If conservatives are looking for another “Obama holdover”, voilà, enter Karine Jean-Pierre. But another position is as noteworthy as any she has held.

Obama made Jean-Pierre his National Deputy Battle Ground State Director. Yes, that specific position exists in the Democrat Party. Does this seem a little coincidental? If so, that’s because it probably is. Maybe they should call the position “Deputy of Key Swing State Cheating”.

But the coincidences don’t stop there. During President Trump’s administration, Jean-Pierre frequently made appearances as a Democratic commentator on CNN and MSNBC. In 2019, MSNBC hired Jean-Pierre as a contributor.

Again, these strange coincidences keep snowballing. This woman, for all her talents, is nothing more than a Democrat operative. She always has been. A tweet recently surfaced from 2020. This message addressed Democrat Stacey Abrams’ loss in the Georgia gubernatorial race.

Jean-Pierre said, “Reminder: Brian Kemp stole the gubernatorial election from Georgians and Stacey Abrams.” She backed up Abrams’ false claims that Georgia Governor Brian Kemp suppressed the minority vote. That’s a complete lie.

Data shows that the election turnout was higher than the historical average. Now that Jean-Pierre is slated to be Biden’s White House voice, conservatives are calling her out on her claim that the Georgia election was stolen.

Kelly Loeffler asked, “Will the media label this as an attack on our democracy?” Others point to the total hypocrisy of the radical left. Some insist that if questioning the validity of an election were a crime, half the Democrat Party would be in prison.

Just listen to crooked Hillary Clinton. Hillary still claims the Russians stole the presidency from her. No, Hillary, the American people did not want a self-anointed queen running our country. But what else is ironic is that virtually all of Abrams’ claims have been proven false.

The claims of a stolen election by President Trump and his supporters are continually being proven true by a growing amount of documentation and evidence. Abrams lost to Kemp, fair and square. Joe Biden did not defeat President Trump. That’s where the real cheating occurred.

Voter fraud didn’t happen during the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial race. But blatant cheating flipped the 2020 presidential results. That’s how Democrats play. They claim something is true when it fits their narrative. However, when the facts indicate otherwise, it’s a conspiracy.

It will be nice to see Jen Psaki’s sourpuss attitude leave, but don’t expect things at the White House press corps briefings to improve. Karine Jean-Pierre is just another parrot for the progressive left. She’ll say whatever she’s told to say, even if it isn’t true.

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