One Fan's Passionate Open Letter To Jimmy Kimmel Is A Must See!

Lee Habeeb, a now-former fan of Jimmy Kimmel, sent an open letter to Popzette, as he is a regular contributor, and laid out exactly how he felt about Kimmel these days.

It started off with praise and ended with Habeeb telling it exactly how it is.

As written by Lee Habeeb for Popzette:

I first saw you on a Comedy Central show in the late 1990s. You played the Everyman sidekick to the know-it-all economist host Ben Stein in "Win Ben Stein's Money." You were very funny.

Your next career choice was less inspiring. You were the co-host of "The Man Show," which should have been called the "Man-Boy Show" because the content was so sophomoric.


You asked Danny to do a split all the way to the ground, and she did it to the delight of screaming boys. You asked Nikki to do "the worm" — which involved this beautiful young woman flailing her nearly naked body along the ground like a ... worm. You asked Paula to put her head between her legs and lick one of them. You asked Nicole to eat a banana on stage. And you saved the worst for last, as you asked the Juggy Twins — Julie and Chanie — to pretend they were at a baseball game and to start a wave with their ... breasts.


That wasn't satire, Jimmy, and it was not funny. I'm no prude. Like you, I deplore political correctness. But this wasn't politically incorrect comedy you were doing; it was wet T-shirt contest comedy — and it was beneath your talents.

Then came the news that you were getting your own late-night television gig. I gave you another chance, and you didn't disappoint. The talented guy I always thought you were shined almost instantly. You assembled some terrific writers, and each night did a superb job of entertaining me as my day came to an end.


Know this too, Jimmy. Nearly half the country had a poor opinion of former President Obama and how he handled many things, particularly his utter disdain for the lives of folks who are not urban. His comment about how rural Americans "cling to guns or religion" was ugly. It didn't burn you up, that senseless commentary. No speech from you on that.

Not once when Obama was president, actually, did you enter the mix with hard political commentary. Maybe that's because you live around people who mostly agreed with his policy objectives.

When Obama essentially declared a war on coal and helped put countless coal miners out of work, that didn't bother you. All of those displaced families. All of that pain and loss.


Jimmy, do you hear yourself? "Everything"? Is tax reform bad? Is reducing the regulatory burden on business owners bad? Is appointing judges who respect the Constitution bad? Maybe to folks who vote Democrat — but these are very traditional Republican values. Indeed, former President John F. Kennedy believed tax cuts were a good thing, too.

Jimmy, I was once a big fan. Now I'm not. You lost me, and you don't seem to care. And so I ask: Have you lost Democrat listeners in the same volume? Or does your commitment to tell the truth only run down one political road?


Jimmy, we need more laughs in this world and fewer political rants and lectures. You do something so much more important than political commentary. It's something that requires so much more God-given talent. Bringing the world together through laughter is almost, dare I say, sacred. So few Americans possess the skill and understanding to do it.


He hits the nail right on the head if you ask me. And really, let's face it, Kimmel's beating a dead horse at this point. No one's really listening to his anti-Trump crap any longer. If it weren't for this passionate open letter I know I wouldn't be bothering with Kimmel in the least.

Still... it would be nice if someone from Jimmy's camp or even Jimmy himself got a hold of this and maybe it made him think about his words and his actions, you know?

Ultimately, he would have to realize that if at least one fan openly tells him how it is that there will be several more out there with the same frame of mine.

What did you think of this open letter? Are you OK with Kimmel's constant jabs at President Donald Trump or do you think enough is enough already and it's time to move on? Shout out in the comments and let us know!

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