Pay Very Close Attention to Your Bill – Restaurants and Salons Start Instituting New Tax

The next time that you go out to eat at a restaurant or order some food, you'd better pay close attention to that receipt, because you may be paying more than you think you are.

In many places, restaurants have started imposing a "COVID-19 Tax" on their orders.

Take a look at this receipt from someone in California:

And here is one that is even higher!

Look, that's a very large surcharge. I can appreciate and understand what they're trying to do. I don't think they're out to take advantage of people.

But on the flip side of the coin, restaurant owners also need to realize that their customers have had a difficult time as well over the last few months, also. And if they take that too far, they're going to drive away all the people who would otherwise support them.

I think people have come to a point where they want to support local businesses and see the importance of doing so now.

According to Fox News,

And it’s not just restaurants. A dentist’s office in Jacksonville, Fla., reportedly started charging a $10 per appointment fee for personal protective equipment, and in Texas some hair salons have started adding a $3 sanitation charge, according to KTRK-TV in Houston.

Kiko’s Steakhouse posted a message on Facebook defending the charge and stressing it would only be temporary.

“We are not trying to hide this surcharge, we choose this option rather than changing our prices on our menu, this way we can adjust the surcharge weekly," the restaurant wrote. "We’ve been putting flyers in front of our restaurant & put the surcharge on your receipt, today we put more signage. Please understand we cant control the rising cost of meat, seafood, poultry & produce prices.”

The restaurant's owner, Billy Yuzar, told Fox News that the surcharge is advertised online, on the restaurant’s front door, and at the register, so customers are well aware of it.

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