Pete Buttigieg Financial Donors Demand A Refund After Learning This About Him

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg really looked as though he were really picking up some support in some states, but all of that seems to be fading away now, especially in light of some news late last week and his performance during the debate on Thursday.

In fact, things are getting so bad for Buttigieg he has not one, but two trending hashtags on Twitter and neither of them are good ones.

He has recently come under attack from his supporters and fellow Democratic presidential candidates for hosting secret fundraisers for billionaires in order to raise money for his campaign. This has insulted his everyday donors by minimizing their contributions and making it seem as though he doesn't need their money since he has access to these billionaire donors.

Now, many of his donors are wanting refunds for their contributions to Buttigieg's campaign.

Hence the hashtags #RefundPete and #WallStreetPete.

When one of the Democrats finally wins the nomination they're going to be in terrible shape to even try and compete against Trump because they'll have already been exposed to badly by their own party.

According to The Western Journal,

“Voters need Pete to address new concerns that at McKinsey he may have helped lay off workers in places like Michigan,” Adam Green, the Progressive Change Campaign Committee co-founder, said. His group has endorsed Warren for president, Politico reported.

Progressives have also nicknamed Buttigieg “Wall Street Pete” for donations he has received at closed-door fundraisers with affluent people, such as the one thrown by investment bankers at the Redbury Hotel near Midtown New York, according to the Daily News.

Protesters from the left-wing group New York Communities for Change had followed the presidential candidate from a fundraiser at the Upper West Side home of tech investor Kevin Ryan to one at the home of Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour.

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