Pete Buttigieg’s Gas Car Comment Proves the Elite Left is Out of Touch with America

The pompous presumptuousness of the elite left is often startling. Most of these people can't be that oblivious to how outrageous many of their comments are. Recently, the progressive left has put their foot on the gas pedal of their radical climate change scam.

As Joe Biden watches his approval ratings plummet, liberal Democrats face an imposing threat, the November midterms. They are projected to lose control of both houses of Congress. A loss of their current majority in the House of Representatives is guaranteed.

Most political experts believe that Republicans will retake control of the United States Senate, albeit by a slim margin. That means the wild-eyed climate agenda proposed by the radical progressive left is in danger of dying before it ever gets started.

As Americans watch the effects of this radical transformation, most are probably saying, “Thank God!” Certainly, more environmentally friendly sources of energy are a noble pursuit. No one really denies that. But a fanatical flip is not only unrealistic, it’s dangerously destructive.

But these elite ideologues don’t care. They won’t endure the least hardship during this radical transformation. It’s a transformation in which most of the changes are both unnecessary and uncalled for. Radical energy changes are designed to punish America’s oil and gas industry.

On the campaign trail, Joe Biden threatened to destroy the industry. He’s living up to that campaign promise. However, with the same misguided attack on America’s fossil fuel companies, Biden, and the left are destroying the lives of millions of Americans at the same time.

So, as Biden’s attack on fossil fuels continues, what do his bureaucratic blowhards have to say about the pain and hardship Americans will face? Liberal elites puff up their chests and tell the pheasants to “grin and bear it.” “Suck it up, buttercup!”

Even Joe Biden’s so-called economic expert thinks she knows what’s best when it comes to America’s energy needs. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen says, “To fix the energy crisis, we need to move to renewables.”

Yellen isn’t worried about the horrific economic conditions American families are struggling to overcome. She’s worried about climate change. She isn’t alone. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has repeated the same sorry suggestion on multiple occasions.

“Mayor Pete” insists that more Americans should purchase electric vehicles so that they “never have to worry about gas prices again.” Have you checked the price of an EV lately? Maybe everyone in Mayor Pete’s elite class can afford to buy an electric car, but most Americans can’t.

Sit down when you do your research, because electric vehicles (EVs) give a new definition to “sticker shock.” Even with a $12,500 government discount (if you qualify), Car and Driver estimates the average cost of an EV still hovers well over $50,000.

Some people, those with a healthy bank balance, might say, “Okay, I’m going to bite the bullet and buy an EV.” But the sticker price isn’t the only long-term financial burden you have to face. According to CNET, there are a number of other price factors that people don’t know about.

Rapid depreciation of EV car values is just one of them. But Mayor Pete still insists that Americans should just run out to their local car dealer and pick a color. Pete Buttigieg sounds just like a shady used car salesman.

“Have we got a deal for you today!”

Like the rest of the climate change clowns, they have no grasp on what types of economic woes worry everyday Americans. They are out of touch. These green energy freaks are pompous, presumptive narcissists. They think the world revolves around them and their climate agenda.

These self-entitled elites are out of touch with America. Buttigieg says he’s “astonished that people really struggle to give up their gas vehicles.” No, Mayor Pete, maybe because of the economic crisis your boss has caused, they’re struggling just to survive. A gallon of milk is, first and foremost, not a new, $65,000 EV!

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