Portland Government Fines Trump Administration For Protecting Federal Buildings

The people in the city government of Portland are being derelict in their responsibilities. They have allowed and enabled the rioters in Portland to destroy the city and terrorize countless individuals.

At one point, you'll remember, President Trump sent in federal agents to the city to protect the federal courthouse there in the city since the city of Portland refused to do it.

They ended up setting up a barricade which ultimately the mayor said that they needed to remove them for they would be fined.

Well, now they are suing the federal government for $528,000 for the time that the fences were there after they were told to remove them.

The fences, which were installed to prevent further destruction of federal property, were often the only thing keeping rioters from physically assaulting officers without the latter having to resort to more extreme uses of force. They saved lives, protected property, and in the midst of an otherwise uncontrollable situation, allowed federal agents to gain the upper-hand time and time again.

Now, Portland is sending the U.S. government a bill, claiming that the fences are a public safety issues since a few of them are on top of a bike lane. The fines levied against Trump’s federal government currently amount to $528,000 and increase by $500 every 15 minutes. The fences themselves cost taxpayers over $200,000.

Portland Commissioner Chloe Eudaly, an elected politician facing an upcoming election, was responsible for this order as well as the one that ordered the Portland government to cease cooperation with federal agents.

“Unidentified agents of the federal government have placed unpermitted fencing and jersey barriers in the City’s right-of-way outside of the Hatfield Federal Courthouse. The fencing and barriers in the right-of-way create a hazard for Portlanders by blocking the bike lane on SW Main, which is the premiere bike facility into downtown Portland. The Portland Bureau of Transportation demands that the federal government cease and desist immediately from placing any unpermitted fencing or jersey barriers in the City’s right-of-way.”

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