President Trump Blocks Loud Mouth Celebrity on Twitter

Some liberals are taking shots at President Donald Trump after he's finally blocked Chrissy Teigen. It seems that after years of her "bullying" him, as the liberals would say, he has had enough and blocked her. And instead of accepting the fact that it's well within his rights to do so... it is his own social media account after all, they've taken aim at him for it. So much for standing up for yourself, I guess, huh?

So here's the tweet that finally did it. And let's face it... obviously plenty of people, at least half the country if not more by now, actually like Donald Trump and what he's doing for our country. The liberal left will continue to push this idea that "no one likes Trump" in part, and perhaps unwittingly, because they believe that is how it will seem, that is how it will be written in history, and that will convince other people not to like him.

While the sad truth is... who t.f. is Chrissy Teigen? What has she done? Is she an actress? A model? An entrepreneur? I'm serious... without Googling it, I only know the name. Her Twitter profile's description she wrote states "high quality person"... riiiight because that's not egotistical at all, is it Chrissy?

As reported by CBS News:

After years of trolling President Donald Trump, model and social media powerhouse Chrissy Teigen says Mr. Trump has finally blocked her on Twitter. Teigen says the straw that broke the camel's back was her tweet at the president that said no one likes him.

On Sunday, Mr. Trump tweeted, "It's very sad that Republicans, even some that were carried over the line on my back, do very little to protect their President," and Teigen responded, "Lolllllll no one likes you."

That includes tweets from Teigen to Mr. Trump like "You are 71 f**king years old. Grow. The f--k. Up," and "You are a national embarrassment. It's like you have no idea how to even fake being a normal human being. You are the proud type of insane."

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