PROOF! George Soros is Trying To Abolish The Family Unit

George Soros is an evil of a man as they come. He is basically a worldwide dictator with so much money that he controls what and who he wants. If he wants riots in Washington to get his point across, he'll just pay for people to go out to the streets and riot.

But Soros is trying to leverage the coronavirus as an attempt to break up the family unit.

The OpenDemocracy organization is funded by Soros' Open Society Initiative.

In short, the pandemic is no time to forget about family abolition. In the words of feminist theorist and mother Madeline Lane-McKinley; “Households are capitalism’s pressure cookers. This crisis will see a surge in housework – cleaning, cooking, caretaking, but also child abuse, molestation, intimate partner rape, psychological torture, and more.” Far from a time to acquiesce to ‘family values’ ideology, then, the pandemic is an acutely important time to provision, evacuate and generally empower survivors of – and refugees from – the nuclear household.

And thirdly, even when the private nuclear household poses no direct physical or mental threat to one’s person – no spouse-battering, no child rape, and no queer-bashing – the private family qua mode of social reproduction still, frankly, sucks. It genders, nationalizes and races us. It norms us for productive work. It makes us believe we are ‘individuals.’ It minimizes costs for capital while maximizing human beings’ life-making labor (across billions of tiny boxes, each kitted out – absurdly – with its own kitchen, micro-crèche and laundry). It blackmails us into mistaking the only sources of love and care we have for the extent of what is possible.

We deserve better than the family. And the time of corona is an excellent time to practice abolishing it. In the always lucent words of Anne Boyer: “We must learn to do good for the good of the stranger now. We now have to live as daily evidence that we believe there is value in the lives of the cancer patient, the elderly person, the disabled one, the ones in unthinkable living conditions, crowded and at risk.”

This is one of the most absurd propositions I've ever heard. It's completely contrary to nature and harmful to society.

But Soros knows this. He's all about population control so if he can get more and more people to stop having children, then he can reach his goal of depopulating the world.


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