WATCH: Proof That The Polls Claiming Biden Is Leading Trump Are Complete BS!

If you pay attention to the mainstream media, and the national polls, they will lead you to believe that Joe Biden is ahead of President Trump by double digits in practically all of the polls.

...they're all lies.

The first thing I'd like to you to see is this video and you'll understand why.

Let me remind you that this is what they said about Hillary Clinton as well and we all see how that turned out.

I'm just going today it as clearly as I can; there is no way that Joe Biden is ahead of President Trump and especially not by double digits as they are claiming.

I'm calling major BS on these poll numbers because all of the Democrats aren't even sold on Joe Biden. Take a look at the numbers from Kentucky for example:

While Biden did win the primary out of the rest of the Democrats, think about it..he's the only candidate who hasn't suspended or dropped out of the race for the Democrats and he was still only able to manage 57% percent of the voters for the Democrats.

This shows you that not even all of the Democrats are behind Joe Biden, which we already knew.

I read this somewhere and thought this individual said it well:

Yeah, polls are complete BS. The fact that the mainstream media failed so badly in 2016, its comical they continue to use the bogus polls that over sample Democrats and actually believe them.

In fact, I think its 50-50 that Biden is even the nominee. I don’t think its carved in stone at all. An old senile white guy with racist comments in his past in the world of the Democrat-socialist cancel woke culture. It’s hard to believe.

The Black Lives Matter stuff is beginning to look like complete chaos and anarchy for too many Americans in the Middle.

The left and far left are hopeless and a lost cause.

Going after Founding Fathers and Jesus was an insanity gone too far for most.

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