PROOF! West Coast Fires Not Started By Climate Change Like Democrats Claim

It's sad to say, but fires have been ravaging the West Coast.

It's not like those people who live out there haven't been going through enough already with all of the riots, not people are losing their homes and even their lives as a result of these fires.

Of course, the Democrats want to push this as though it's all because of climate change. That's one of their main agendas so anytime they have some sort of natural disaster such as fires, tornadoes, or hurricanes they instantly want to blame it on climate change.

Well, we're not buying it. There is a reason why so many people deny climate change and that's because there is evidence to the contrary. And just like always, there is evidence that proves climate change had nothing to do with these fires.

Not just one, but several Antifa terrorists have been caught setting fires over on the West Coast.

An Oregon man was charged with using a Molotov cocktail to start a brush blaze in the wildfire-devastated state β€” then busted again just hours later for allegedly going back and starting six more, cops said.

Domingo Lopez Jr., 45, was first arrested Sunday afternoon after witnesses told cops he started a fire on the grassy edge of a Portland freeway with an incendiary device made out of a plastic bottle with a wick, the Portland Police Bureau said.

He admitted starting the blaze, which was extinguished without any injuries or property damage, cops said.

Lopez Jr. was booked into jail at 6:45 p.m. Sunday on charges of reckless burning and second-degree disorderly conduct β€” then released on his own recognizance later that night, court records show.

Then there was Rayza Torres who caught a man on video setting a fire in some shrubs in a residential neighborhood.

And still, there was another man arrested...

One woman even caught someone on her property who likely was trying to set fires. Take a look at the video below.

Sources: Yahoo

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