Puerto Rico Has Managed To Pay Insane Bonuses Despite Being Bankrupt And Still Recovering From Hurricane Maria

When Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico it was indeed devastating. But we did what we do best, we came together and gave, volunteered, and even President Trump pitched in and showed support.

Despite this, people like the Mayor of  San Juan, Carmen Yulin Cruz, decided to use every opportunity she had to talk smack on the POTUS with imaginary claims. Remember how the supplies were spotted in the dumpster? Lol

Well... Puerto Rico isn't in the clear. Nope, it's recovering and hard. It's actually bankrupt. According to The Washington Post, "Puerto Rico has officially gone bankrupt. Now, we don’t mean that literally. There is no cause for celebration in the financial disaster that has befallen the Caribbean home of 3.7 million U.S. citizens. Nor, in a legal sense, is the debt-workout process that’s about to unfold the precise equivalent of what a corporation would go through under Chapter 11 of the bankruptcy code, or a municipality under Chapter 9."

So you tell me.. how in the h*ll did they afford to pay out  $113 million IN BONUSES to state employees?!

As reported by Bloomberg:

Governor Ricardo Rossello said Monday that he would cover the payments, despite the financial strains that have been made even more severe since the September storm that caused much of the economy to grind to a halt. Both the government and businesses are required to pay such bonuses under a decades-old Puerto Rican law, providing a year-end boost that workers have come to rely upon.

“Our public employees have done an admirable job for the recovery of the island,” Rossello said in a statement. "Without them the job would be impossible, and we should make good on their Christmas bonus on time.”

The total bonus payments to employees and the retirees will be about $113 million and are already included in the government’s budget, according to an email from Rossello’s spokeswoman, Yennifer Alvarez. She said the average bonus for 105,000 employees will be about $600 each, and 141,000 retirees will be paid about $200 each.

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