Radical Left-Wing CRT Supporter Threatens Parents – Where’s Merrick Garland Now? (VIDEO)

Much has been of the true objective of the radicals promoting Critical Race Theory (CRT). A recent threat from a CRT supporter clearly spells out how these demented activists feel. In a video, one CRT supporter spells out how he envisions anyone who questions CRT.

A left-wing, self-proclaimed “revolutionary” said any parent who questioned the teaching of CRT in schools would face the wrath. Malik Austin threatened local parents at a Fort Worth Independent School District meeting.

The wacko radical said he had 1,000 soldiers, “locked and loaded”. Austin spewed a series of illogical references about how everyone alive today should feel responsible for things that happened well over a century before. His ranting made little sense.

The far-left liberal dared anyone to challenge him over CRT. Austin clearly threatened any parent who exercised their First Amendment right to speak their mind. The insinuation of “locked and loaded soldiers” is an obvious call for violence.

We just wonder if Joe Biden’s liberal-sympathizing Attorney General Merrick Garland feels these clear threats of violence warrant a “memo”. Austin went on to blast anyone who objected to children being taught CRT’s racist propaganda. They would feel the wrath of armed militias.

Not once, but multiple times, this far-left liberal advocated for violence. To date, there is no record of him being arrested for making terroristic threats. These clearly were such. Austin was escorted away from the podium, reasserting that the next time he’d bring soldiers.

Where is the outcry from the left and their mainstream media accomplices about these blatant threats? Why is no one sending a memo targeting this radical? No, these left-wing liberals are too focused on innocent parents who simply object to their children being indoctrinated with lies.

It’s another prime example of the double standard in our country. Radical liberals can make bold threats of violence. Nothing happens to them. However, if you speak your mind against illogical mandates and bad liberal policies, you’re targeted as a domestic terrorist.

Clearly, the liberals in control of much of this nation have a twisted sense of justice. They can do whatever they want without repercussions. Wonder what would happen to a conservative who said liberals would face a “locked and loaded” army of soldiers? We know all too well.

Here is the full speech:

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