Radical Leftist White House Correspondent Continues to Fan the Flames of Racial Divide

Often, the radical left makes such insane claims that they truly defy logic. The way leftist reporters concoct unbelievable stories is undeniable. They’ve become experts at deception. April Ryan is a tried-and-true liberal mouthpiece.

Ryan is the White House Correspondent for “The Grio.” She wrote a book entitled, “Black Women Will Save the World.” That’s fine. Given the right set of circumstances, Ryan could be correct. But she says a lot of other stuff that is totally implausible.

Like most of her liberal pals, April Ryan lives in an alternate universe. In fact, many see Ryan’s scathing condemnation of conservatives as dangerous reverse racism. She feels every black liberal political candidate is scrutinized because of the color of their skin.

Ryan is a hypocrite. But worst of all, she’s a dangerous racial hypocrite who fans the flames of racial divide. One person whom Ryan insists that conservatives target because she is black is Georgia Gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams.

Ryan calls Abrams a winner. While she agrees that Abrams did not win in her first attempt to be Georgia’s governor, Ryan believes “Abrams is a winner.” The radical White House correspondent thinks Abrams is responsible for “flipping Georgia from red to blue.”

But after she proclaimed herself to be an impartial judge of the political spectrum, Ryan started to complain. That’s the typical progressive leftist playbook. Talk a good game and then resort to moaning and complaining.

Ryan had enough sense to perceive a red wave ahead in November’s midterm elections. She quickly went into crying and complaining mode. Ryan whined about how Val Demings and Cheri Beasley are lagging in the polls.

Of course, Ryan thinks it’s because they’re black. The notion that they’re both radical liberals, in the tank for the unpopular progressive left policies that are destroying the country, eludes her. Abrams is yet another hypocritical radical leftist who’s trying to steal an election.

They use the same sad song and dance. If the candidate is black, despite their horrible policies, the left screams racism. If the candidate is a white person, they’re supposedly the target of conservative, anti-democratic beliefs. It’s a huge smokescreen to hide the real issues.

Voters see through this charade. The April Ryan’s of the world aren’t fooling anyone. Voters know what’s happening. Crime is skyrocketing. We’ve lost control of our southern border. Inflation is financially destroying American families. Progressive policies are destroying America.

However, in a few days, Americans will begin to reclaim our nation. After being swept away by a “red wave” of Republican victories, liberals will do what they do best; whine and complain. None of them are winners. They’ve become a sad sack of sore losers.

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