Rand Paul Kills Nomination of Conservative Judge...Here's Why

Usually, like-minded politicians sign-off on policy questions and various agenda items. However, for that strategy to work, it must rely on open lines of communication. Liberals are notorious for running off half-baked with pieces of their radical agenda.

Conservatives are more likely to maintain open talking channels. Nevertheless, that isn’t the case when a member of the Republican Party seems to have a proclivity to cutting deals behind his fellow conservatives’ backs.

Such an incident happened recently in the U.S. Senate. Chad Meredith was to be nominated for the U.S. District Court vacancy in Kentucky’s Eastern District. Meredith’s nomination was part of a deal Republicans made with the White House, but it had not been finalized.

While this seems like a noble effort, Senator Minority Leader Mitch McConnell didn’t find it necessary to communicate this agreement with other members of his party. One senator left out of the loop was fellow Kentucky Senator Rand Paul.

In a statement, Paul said, “Unfortunately, instead of communicating and lining up support for him, Senator McConnell chose to cut a secret deal with the White House that fell apart.” Initially, Meredith had Paul’s complete support.

Nevertheless, out of principle, Paul chose to kill Meredith’s nomination. It’s not that Paul doesn’t support the conservative judge’s nomination. Nonetheless, he’s fed up with Mitch McConnell going behind other party members’ backs to cut deals with the Joe Biden White House.

Paul chastised McConnell for making a “secret deal.” Paul further said, “We have no reason to be opposed to Chad Meredith, other than we want at least the courtesy of the minority leader, thinking that he’s not so important that he doesn’t have to talk to his fellow state senator.”

McConnell returned fire at Senator Paul. The minority leader feels this allowed Democrats and the White House to “catch a break.” McConnell said, “The net result of this is it has prevented me from getting my kind of judge out of a liberal Democrat president.”

But is that all that came out of Rand Paul’s stance? There may still be avenues to get a conservative judge through the confirmation process. However, it might require Mitch McConnell to be open and upfront with his fellow conservatives.

That might be a welcome change from Mitch’s inclination to pacify the progressive left. Republicans need to make a collective stance against the radical agenda of the progressive left. Secret deals with the White House are not the way to accomplish that. They need transparency.

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