This is What Happens When Rappers Get Into Politics, Proposes Ridiculous Solution to Gun Control

Rapper Cardi B has been sticking her nose into politics and just like practically every other celebrity, she has no business putting it there if she doesn't understand politics, economics, or the Constitution.

But she's not going to let ignorance stop her. Instead, she says she has a suggestion for what to do with guns that she thinks is a middle ground.

Cardi B tweeted,

"And it can also get prohibited like the time alcohol was but guess what ? It was allow again with regulations and strict rules and now people drink responsibly 😉"

So she's comparing owning a gun to drinking alcohol. First of all they're not even remotely similar on a legal scale, and secondly, we already have a Constitutional right to own firearms, therefore, to prohibit them aka make them illegal would be unconstitutional.

And another thing...where did she get the idea that having prohibition and then overturning prohibition made people drink responsibly?

People still drink and drive which leads to crashes and deaths. One friend I've had for 30 years is now an alcoholic who just can't stop drinking and it has destroyed relationships. So while some people drink responsibly, it's because they choose to, not because prohibition was overturned.

Cardi B then tweeted,

“Listen, I do believe we have the right to bare arms,” the new mother posted via Twitter on Tuesday. “However I do believe in order to get a gun we should get mental check ups, proper training and [an] older age limit to own one. If the proper age limit to drinking is 21 because these kids can’t handle their liquor how can they possibly get the responsibility to own a gun? … that fair?”

Then she said, "Possibly get the responsibility to own a gun ? that fair ?"

No. That's not fair. You do not need to "get the responsibility" to own something that is a Constitutional right.

Do you need to earn the responsibility to exercise free speech? Do you earn the responsibility to vote? Because Democrats shouldn't be voting if that's something that they should prove they're capable of making the right decision for.

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