Recap of 2020, The Craziest Year On Record (We're Only Halfway Through)

I don't think you'll find anyone on the planet, except for maybe in a third-world country, that would deny that 2020 has been the most insane year on record.

Really though, just think about it. At the beginning of the year, what would you have said, if I had told you most of Australia would burn to the ground, or that a president would be impeached for nothing.

What if I had told you that the entire world would be shut down because of a virus that has a 99.99% survival rate? What if I'd told you that everyone you know would not only wear a mask everywhere but would be publicly shamed if they didn't do so, and in some cases attacked?

What if I'd told you that your kids wouldn't be allowed to go outside and play in their local park, even though that's probably the safest place they could be and that you could be arrested for doing so?

What if I'd told you that dozens of cities would burn to the ground?

What if I'd told you that a top general of the United States would be exonerated and there would be a coup at the very highest levels of government to destroy him?

What if I'd told you that a man who can't even remember his own name would be nominated to run for president?

What if I'd told you that you wouldn't be allowed to watch fireworks in almost any town in the country on the Fourth of July, or that suddenly, all the American Founders would be slandered and their statues removed as enemies of the people?

What if I'd told you that the media would tell us that there is no such thing as a crazy religious human sacrificing cult only to change their tune and try to convince us that the sitting POTUS is actually one of them?

What if I'd told you that a crazy human trafficking leader would be the beginning of arrests unlike we've ever seen in the history of the world before?

Should I continue? I think I will...

What if I'd told you that Christians wouldn't be allowed to sing in their churches?

What if I'd told you that testing for a disease would actually show positive cases in monkeys and fruit?

What if I'd told you that you would not be allowed to go to your own mother's funeral?

What if I'd told you that several state governors would knowingly send infected patients back to their old folks homes when there was plenty of hospital beds available, and more than 50% of all known deaths from a crazy virus would occur in them?

What if I'd told you that tens of thousands of prisoners, many of them violent and under life sentences would be simply let out of prison without any media coverage, because of a terrible disease, but people who try to open their barbershops would be thrown into prison because they dared to open during the same disease?

What if I'd told you that you would be encouraged to burn down local black businesses by the media but chastised by the media for going to a fourth of July celebration?

What if I'd told you that statues of black heroes and white abolitionists would be targeted for destruction by a black group?

What if I'd told you that parts of American cities would be taken over and called autonomous zones (i.e. their own sovereign nation)?

What if I'd told you that the murder of little black children in extremely violent crime sprees would go unreported?

What if I'd told you that basketball leagues would start encouraging their players to sport communist, er, social justice slogans on their uniforms?

What if I'd told you that we would now have to sing a black national anthem during American football games?

What if I'd told you that a crazy college student would threaten to murder and watch bleed out anyone who disagrees with BLM, only to be fired from a job she never actually had in a public rant about how unjust life is?

What would you have told me if I'd said something like any of this to you?

Stop and reflect on what is happening before your very eyes. We're only halfway through the year and this is what we've experienced so far.

The silent majority must not be silent any longer. It's now or never. At what point will you act?

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