Rep Pelosi Should Resign After Her Latest Comments on DACA Recipients [Video]

This woman's getting crazier by the day, I swear! Nancy Pelosi told a bunch of DACA recipients that it's a good thing they were brought here illegally... come on! Can't we call that "aiding and abetting", lock her up, and call it a day? She was sworn to an oath when she took office in the United States House of Representatives. Pelosi praising criminal's should be grounds for her resignation.

Plus it's pretty telling that she basically admits it's illegal, but whatever...

First... she's a 1%'er... she has no idea (anymore) what it's like out here for the rest of us. I threw that in as a bash toward the liberal left's idea of the "99%" but she is a one percenter. In fact earlier we reported her trying to defend herself against that claim, saying that because of her humble beginnings she isn't one.

correction... I confused Pelosi and Warren... I'm sure you can understand how easy that would be...

As reported by Allahpundit for Hot Air:

In fact, the point of this grand pander is to assure DREAMers that Democrats won’t stop with amnestizing them but will use a deal with Trump as a “first step” towards amnestizing the heroic moms and dads who dragged them across the border in the first place. It’s chain migration 101, in the same spirit as the executive amnesty Hillary proposed last year in which she promised to legalize the parents of DREAMers if elected. If you’re a border hawk who’s skeptical of the deal being used as a building block to a much bigger amnesty eventually, if not during Trump’s term then during the next Democratic president’s, this is Pelosi telling you you’re right to be. It’s a hugely damaging clip in terms of handing nationalists a weapon with which to oppose a compromise. But she has her own base to please. This’ll please them.


Watching this, I keep thinking of that Hillary clip from 2014 that made the rounds a few weeks ago in which she said “Just because your child gets across the border, that doesn’t mean the child gets to stay.”

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