REPORT: Biden Planned on Taking Action Against Derek Chauvin If Jury Rendered Not Guilty Verdict

Since Donald J. Trump took Washington by storm, riding a wave of public discontent to the White House, the level of deep state corruption has been exposed. The dark side of politics tried to take down a sitting president.

As much of a dent as President Trump kicked into the Deep State during his term as the 45th President of the United States, the beast could not be killed. Not only does it still exist, but it's also returning to similar levels of aggression against our constitutional rights.

As evidence, the Biden Department of Justice reportedly was ready to circumvent one of the most cherished parts of the U.S. Constitution. Every American has the right to a fair trial in front of a jury of their peers. We can debate the final verdicts, guilty or innocent. That too is our constitutional right.

However, Biden's DOJ was primed to step on Derek Chauvin's constitutional rights. Evidently, federal authorities were prepared to arrest Chauvin if the jury did not return with a guilty verdict. These types of horrific violations of freedom happen on a regular basis in third-world authoritarian countries.

They do not and cannot happen in the freest democracy in the world. It would destroy one vital fabric of our nation. The rule of law that is the foundation of our criminal justice system would be proven worthless.

If we could not expect a free and impartial trial of accusations against us, our nation would be little more than an authoritarian dictatorship. Instead of allowing our system of justice to work as intended, the federal government was working behind the scenes to build a safeguard against Chauvin's acquittal.

Honest democratic governments do not build a backup plan to ensure their perception of justice wins. Even Joe Biden blabbed about needing "the right verdict", before the jury even returned from deliberations. This is more dangerous than you might think.

Biden's comments, plus the revealing of a deep state agenda to build a backup case against an American citizen totally violates an important part of our constitution. This stomping on our constitutional rights should trouble every American. It is becoming the calling card of the current administration.

These acts should disturb you. The idea that the radical left is leaning towards a socialist agenda is becoming more obvious. When the deep state works behind the scenes to orchestrate justice against its citizens, it's communism. We are staring down an administration that is again feeding the deep state beast.

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