Republicans Having a Fit: "Anyone Not Named Trump Can Beat Biden in 2024"

While the next U.S. presidential election is nearly two years away, the Republican Party finds itself in a "HUGE" conundrum. That conundrum has a name. The conundrum is former President Donald J. Trump.

Despite his effective policies producing one of the most successful presidencies in history, many do not believe he can win another term in the White House. Although President Trump is a strong leader and still the face of the Republican Party, his appeal with voters has waned.

Adding to the conundrum is the rising popularity of one potential 2024 Republican presidential nominee. Many experts insist that “as things stand today,” Florida Governor Ron DeSantis would obliterate whomever the Democrat Party ends up electing as their candidate.

Some believe it will be a landslide, an outcome similar to what DeSantis did to his challenger in the Florida governor’s race. It wasn’t even close. But although he’s inching closer to becoming the conservative frontrunner, DeSantis still must overcome the “elephant in the living room.”

It’s rather ironic that the Republican Party symbol is an elephant. President Trump is that elephant in the living room. After announcing his intention to run for president in 2024, a showdown is unavoidable. But is it in the best interest of the party and, most importantly, the country?

There’s an inevitable battle looming. Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump appear headed for a toe-to-toe, all-out battle for the 2024 Republican nomination? Regardless of who wins, both may end up battered and bloodied. Can the conservative presence survive such a bloodbath?

Patriotic conservatives must use their heads. They must put country before personality. President Trump’s conservative policies are fantastic. However, for the conservative agenda to save our nation, a Republican must retake the White House.

President Trump may not be able to. There are new polls suggesting Governor DeSantis is more appealing to conservative voters than the former president. Former Republicans like Paul Ryan suggest that any Republican not named Trump will defeat any Democrat, including Biden.

Republicans must think long and hard about what’s at stake during the next Republican primary. Democracy wasn’t really on the 2022 ballot in the way liberals claimed it was. But it’s sure going to be on the ballot during the Republican primary.

Conservative voters will be asked to “read the tea leaves.” They must be astutely insightful. If President Trump’s odds of winning the presidency are not solid, Republican voters must put country before personality. American democracy will truly depend on this outcome.

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