Resignation ROCKS Biden Amid Even More Docs Found

On the same day it was reported that more classified documents were found, the White House was forced to announce a huge resignation.

President Joe Biden is in the market for a new Chief of Staff. Ron Klain, who has been with the President since his presidential campaign in 1987 and has served as his Chief of Staff since November 2020, is reportedly stepping down in the coming weeks.

Klain has been a part of the Biden administration's successes, from the Covid-19 relief plan to the historic investments in climate change. He has also helped navigate the administration through its share of challenges, such as high levels of inflation and slowing economic growth.

According to The New York Times, a search for a new Chief of Staff is underway, though it is unclear at this time who the administration may be looking at to replace Klain.

It has been reported that Klain and First Lady Jill Biden instructed the President on what to do. Make no mistake, this is a massive blow to the president.

The announcement came when classified documents dated back to when Biden was a Senator were found.

From the Associated Press:

A new search of President Joe Biden's home in Wilmington, Delaware on Friday by the U.S. Justice Department found six more items, including documents with classification markings, a lawyer for the president said in a statement Saturday night.

Some of the classified documents and "surrounding materials" dated from Biden's tenure in the U.S. Senate, where he represented Delaware from 1973 to 2009, according to his lawyer, Bob Bauer. Other documents were from his tenure as vice president in the Obama administration, from 2009 through 2017, Bauer said.

The Department of Justice, which conducted a search that lasted over 12 hours, also took some notes that Biden had personally handwritten as vice president, according to the lawyer.

More and more documents that Joe isn't supposed to have just keep popping up in the darndest places.
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