RINO Begs Trump Not to Pardon Jan 6 Prisoners If Reelected in 2024

Politicians are adept at preserving their own self-interests. Some really are honest with their constituents. A few politicians will do what they say they’re going to do. However, there are a bunch of swamp rats in Washington, D.C., who will say and do whatever keeps them in power.

They will proclaim steadfast support for anyone or anything that’s in their best interest. But when things get tough, they’ll flip in an instant. In a biblical context, we call these types of people Judas’. They’ll turn on a so-called compatriot in a heartbeat if it means saving their own skin.

The liberal left is known for having perfected this art. Radical Democrats will say and do whatever fits the current narrative. There are dozens of ways to prove their absolute hypocrisy. When the Senate filibuster fit their needs, Democrats were all for it.

Now that it’s a roadblock to pushing through their socialist agenda, it needs to go. The same goes for disputing the integrity of election results. Democrats will scream fraud when their candidate loses.

But when a conservative like President Trump produces evidence that questions the legitimacy of Joe Biden’s victory in 2020, they’re an extremist. Today, according to the far-left, anyone who questions election results is a threat to democracy.

There are enough recordings of Democrats spouting off about election fraud over the last 20 years to fill hours of newsreels. The same analogy fits anyone who happened to be present at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021.

Radical ANTIFA and BLM activists who burned down cities across the country were “mostly peaceful protesters.” But any person who rightfully attended the “Stop the Steal” protest on January 6 is a radical insurrectionist.

They’re not. It’s a convenient narrative to attack President Trump. Most Americans realize this, so one might assume that conservative politicians would go out of their way to push back against this sham. However, they’re not.

In fact, some of these dirtbags are actually supporting the persecution of innocent Americans. These are Americans who did nothing more than exercise their constitutional right to protest. President Trump realizes the January 6 persecutions are a sham designed to attack him.

Hundreds of innocent citizens are being held without bail. They are charged with bogus crimes designed to instill fear in anyone who speaks out against the radical left. Rightfully, President Trump has said he will pardon these innocent Americans when he returns to the White House.

Why wouldn’t he? Why wouldn’t every patriotic conservative support such a rightful administration of justice? January 6 is a “complete partisan scam.” Many Republican lawmakers are standing behind their beliefs. However, there are those dirtbags who refuse.

These are what we call “Republicans In Name Only” (RINOs). They may lean towards predominately conservative ideas, but they’ll turn against their fellow conservatives in a heartbeat. These are RINO swamp rats. South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham is one of the worst.

Graham, along with fellow RINO senators Mike Rounds and Kevin Kramer, slammed President Trump for suggesting that he’d pardon the innocent January 6 protesters. They insist that “pardons for January 6 protesters is a bad idea.” But why is it a bad idea?

If an American citizen gets caught up in a partisan witch hunt, why shouldn’t they be pardoned for alleged crimes they didn’t even commit? That’s precisely what’s happening in relation to the January 6 sham. President Trump knows what’s going on.

This sham committee, loaded with another pair of Republican turncoats, is an all-out assault to keep him from running for president in 2024. There is no other reason behind it. It is a bogus, partisan assault on anyone who supports President Trump.

When he is reelected president, his first order of business should be to set the record straight. Democrats have abused their power. They’ve attacked innocent citizens to push a bogus political agenda.

They should be in jail. Too bad, the dirtbags who turn on their own can’t replace the innocent Americans unlawfully detained for crimes they didn’t commit. Maybe enough dedicated Republicans will push these RINOs out of office. We can hope.

Photo Credit: Michael Reynolds/Pool via REUTERS

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