Rose McGowan Calls Out Gavin Newsom's Wife for Trying to Bribe Her

The state of California is in a recall election after millions of residents decided they were tired of the way Governor Gavin Newsom was running the state into the ground.

One of the people in the race against Newsom is Larry Elder, and a surprising supporter of Elder is Rose McGowan.

The actress and activist admitted that she used to support democrats but finally realized that they were the ones in the wrong.

She told those attending a recent press conference where she gave her support to Elder that the election is a choice between good and evil. She doesn't agree with Elder on every issue but thinks he is the better candidate. She also took a swing at Black Lives Matter supporters for dismissing Elder’s views.

“People will disavow that, mostly white people that work in the media will disavow what he just said. But understand where it’s coming from and that he might just know more than you, living in a different skin,” McGowan said.

“Now this whole, the BLM, all of this, I’ve been gone. I live in a jungle. I’m not fully aware, I mean, I get it. I saw it, like, last week for the first time really in person,” McGowan said. “But I will ask the white citizens, non-blacks to consider that maybe he has had a different experience than you in this world, and instead of reacting … with violence to what he just said, consider that it’s a different experience. We are not the authorities on that.”

One of the issues Rose McGowan is passionate about in her activism is the MeToo Movement. She was one of the first people to speak up against film producer Harvey Weinstein.

She also said that she received a call from Gavin Newsom's wife. She was asked to meet up with her, and when she did that, she felt uncomfortable. The Newsoms offered McGowan money to drop the case against Weinstein, but she refused. She supports the recall because she believes Governor Newsom is a fraud and California would be better without him.

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