Russian Intelligence Suggests Ukraine Is Planning a Dirty Nuclear Bomb Attack Against Itself

We have a pack of numskulls leading the world into an irreversible place. Experts are quick to insist that the nuclear bombs today are nothing remotely like those that ended World War III. They’re thousands of times more powerful. Today, nuclear devastation will be permanent.

So, why are these clowns pushing us to the brink of nuclear Armageddon? “Clueless Joe” Biden even proclaimed that the war sits on the doorstep of nuclear annihilation. Are these morons simply too dense to grasp the consequences of their ignorance?

Vladimir Putin has been threatening to use his nuclear arsenal at various points during the Ukraine war. Many believe he’s blowing smoke. But considering the consequences, shouldn’t even a hint of a nuclear launch send up red flags?

Well, it appears that there may be more than just a red flag, inching us closer to a global nuclear war. One has to wonder what motivation Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy had in insinuating that “NATO should launch preemptive strikes into Russia to stop Putin’s assault.”

That puzzled much of the world. If NATO attacks Russia, it’s virtually guaranteed that Putin will drop a nuclear bomb on Ukraine, maybe on neighboring European countries. This comment seemed so outlandish, some believed it wasn’t true. But it was.

Ukrainian officials even had to do damage control by walking back Zelenskyy’s brazen request. Talk about “poking at the bear.” But the Ukrainian military may be considering an even more disconcerting tactic to push the western world to become fully involved.

Now, we should take information generated by Russian intelligence with some degree of skepticism. However, this latest claim seems to follow similar trends. The call by Zelenskyy for preemptive strikes would blend with the perception that Russia has crossed the line.

Russia alleges that it’s intercepted reports of Ukraine planning to detonate a dirty nuclear bomb inside its own country. Of course, Ukrainian officials were quick to fire back. They insist that Russia is accusing them of doing exactly what the Russians are planning.

In essence, this is a sort of tit-for-tat exchange. But is the thought of Ukraine employing such a dirty trick, really outside the realm of possibility? This report follows the recent sabotage of the Nord Stream pipeline. Ukraine’s supporters were quick to point the finger at Russia.

But many experts weren’t convinced. The notion that Russia would sabotage its own energy hardware seems like a stretch. Nothing has been determined about the explosions, except that they were purposefully detonated. Now, there are other bizarre developments as well.

After insisting for months that the U.S. will not intervene in Ukraine, U.S. troops have ramped up activities on the Ukraine-Romanian border. Is this a coincidence? Former U.S. Army General David Petraeus insists that an international intervention, led by the United States, is inevitable.

Another U.S. general boasts that the current U.S. military exercises at the border are “like having allies in Normandy.” Certainly, these clowns remember “Normandy,” or do they? When taken individually, most of these comments may be benign.

However, when taken collectively, they point to a suspiciously focused path. Without knowing better, we’d think the current leadership is wishing for a war. With the level of destruction that will ensue, maybe they’d better watch what they wish for.

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