Same Tired Old Game Plan for Michigan Democrats – Cheat to Win

In sports, teams devise plans to take the opponent’s most talented players “out of the game”. This isn’t accomplished by trying to hurt the players. However, coaches develop strategies that hopefully can minimize a player or player’s effect on the game’s outcome.

With the goal of winning the game, sports teams make plans to defend against the strengths of their opponents. Most would assume a similar strategy would be the honorable way to win an election for a political office.

Candidates would focus on a strong presentation of their ideas. How much each candidate differs from the other would be critical. Ahead of the election, candidates would defend their positions and work to refute the platforms and ideas of their opponents.

But that might be true in a perfect political world, but it’s not the strategy used by liberal Democrats. The problem involves their game plan if elected. They don’t have one. Liberal Democrats’ policies have no chance of working and improving the lives of their constituents.

Therefore, Democrats cannot develop election campaigns that “play by the rules.” They have to cheat, and cheat they do. But that’s where state and local election boards are supposed to take over. These “bipartisan boards of elections” are tasked with assuring fair and honest elections.

Boards of elections are like umpires or referees. They see that the rules are applied so that the game is fair. No one gets an unjust advantage by cheating or breaking the rules. But ahead of the 2022 race for governor in Michigan, that’s not what’s happening.

In fact, those entrusted with refereeing the Michigan governor’s election are apparently helping one team. The Michigan Board of Elections is clearly making calls to help only the Democrats. Their decision to toss five Republican candidates is baffling. It’s a horrible call.

Two of the Republican hopefuls are the strongest conservative players in the game. The board isn’t requiring Democrats to play defense and earn their victory. Instead, they’re kicking the best players out of the game. Does this sound fair? It’s not.

The Michigan Board of Elections removed former Detroit police Chief James Craig and billionaire businessman Perry Johnson from the ballot. Including Craig and Johnson, five Republican governor candidates were kicked off the Michigan governor’s ballot.

That’s about the same as the umpire walking into the dugout and tossing five players off one team before the game even begins. Again, does this sound fair? It’s not. This decision leaves the Republican Party in Michigan without their top two candidates.

Sure, three of these candidates may have been like bench reserves on a ball team. But Craig and Johnson are the Republicans “go-to” candidates. This is just wrong. However, it’s staying with the typical liberal playbook for elections; cheat, however and whenever possible.

If you’ve ever watched a ball game where the officials seem to make one call after another for the home team, they’re called “homers”. We’re not talking about a baseball blast that leaves the yard, either. We’re talking about a biased umpire who makes calls to benefit one team.

In sports, it’s cheating. There is no difference in politics. Elections are like a ball game. Democrats constantly work to control the election boards or referees. Crooked Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg paid millions to stack the deck ahead of the 2020 presidential election.

These local election officials make calls on a number of critical election rules. When the boards are stacked with radical progressives, the rules are slanted for their team. It’s cheating. This type of “homer” manipulation cost President Trump the 2020 election. It hasn’t stopped.

The Democrat Party does not have a team that can win games based on skill. Their policies are horrible for America. They cannot win via their own merits. They must cheat. What’s happening in Michigan is just another example of Democrats stacking the deck. They’re cheating.

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