School Board VP Gets BUSTED Maskless at Bar After Berating Fellow Board Members for Spreading Virus by Not Wearing Masks

The arrogant hypocrisy of the radical left in our nation’s political debate is mind-boggling. Since the first Draconian order by liberal Democrats was leveled against Americans, the double standard has grown increasingly more unnerving.

Blowhard bureaucrats have continued to preach policy; then turn around and do the opposite. It’s nauseating. This enigma created by hypocritical liberals not following their own advice was punctuated when a Michigan school board member was caught unmasked.

Michiganders are fed up with the tyrannical orders handed down by both elected and non-elected bureaucrats. The Macomb County, Michigan Executive Mark Hackel chose not to enforce the constitutionally disputed mask mandates ordered across other districts.

Hackel rightly chose to leave the decision up to students and their parents. It is the way it should be in every school district across the nation. Certain Michigan school board members have disagreed with this policy. It is their right to do so.

However, a Lakeview School Board Vice President got busted for being the hypocritical liberal that he is. The Lakeview school system is in Macomb County. Macomb County, Michigan, strongly supported President Trump in both of the two previous presidential elections.

The area is full of patriotic Americans who believe strongly in our freedom of choice. Well, it seems that Donald Wheaton Jr. went off on a tirade denouncing fellow school officials who didn’t feel it necessary or beneficial to wear a mask.

He blatantly blamed them for the spread of COVID. There was no consideration for naturally acquired immunity or vaccination status. Wheaton Jr. boldly called any unmasked person a super-spreader of COVID.

Now, just like it’s an American right to wear a mask or not, it’s Wheaton’s right to voice his opinions. However, the story doesn’t end there. Like most of these blowhard liberals, Wheaton got busted for violating the same words he spewed towards his fellow school board members.

Wheaton was caught on a video taken at a local nightclub. Seems Wheaton was witnessed warbling into a microphone. He was participating in a Karaoke contest at the club. While singing his tone-challenged version of a beloved Elton John classic, Wheaton was not wearing a mask.

The noisy Sabby’s Lounge was crowded with other unmasked people. Adding to the insult of Wheaton’s hypocrisy is the fact that he was not only caught once, he was videoed a second time just last week.

Wheaton informed the school board that he chose to stay away from meetings because others were not wearing masks. This exquisite example of liberal hypocrisy had no issue with blasting Elton John lyrics across a crowded bar, while not wearing a mask.

Donald Wheaton Jr. is the latest poster child for liberal dishonesty. His comparing mask mandates to wearing a condom to prevent HIV reveals another truly insane side to this man’s mental thought process.

Like hundreds of his liberal cronies, Wheaton Jr. should be explaining his actions. He won’t. These radicals want everyone to follow their orders, but they can’t be inconvenienced by these same rules. Liberals are hypocrites, and this one got busted singing Karaoke. Now, if Donald Wheaton Jr. could only sing.

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