Schumer Demands President Trump Be Investigated For Firing "Whistleblowers"

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is wasting no time going after President Trump once more after the failed impeachment trial.

He's not alleging that the President's firing of dozens of hold-overs from the Obama administration.

You can't blame the President though. Democrats are mentally unstable and it shows.

According to The Hill,

Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) on Monday wrote to 74 inspector generals asking for "immediate action to investigate any and all instances of retaliation" against whistleblowers.

He cited President Trump's "retaliation" against Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman following his testimony in Trump's impeachment trial.

Vindman was removed from his position from the White House last week in a move his attorney called "revenge." The White House said Vindman was returning to his full-time job after a temporary assignment at the National Security Council.

"These attacks are part of a dangerous, growing pattern of retaliation against those who report wrongdoing only to find themselves targeted by the President and subject to his wrath and vindictiveness," Schumer wrote.

They may have blown a whistle, but it was certainly not called for. It's the equivalent of blowing a whistle and calling a foul on a three-point shot in basketball when no foul was committed.

President Trump should and does have the right to employ men who are committed to him and his mission for the country. Think of it as a business. If you were interviewing someone for a position and they told you that they hated your guts and they're going to try and get you fired, you wouldn't hire them, would you? Of course not.

If someone working there lied about the CEO of the company and made a really good attempt at getting him fired even so far as getting police involved, don't you think they should have the ability to fire that individual? Of course.

You can take a look at the letter Schumer wrote to Acting Inspector General Glenn Fine regarding the firing of Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman as well as a number of others who he deems as whistleblowers.

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