Scientists Complete Study to Potentially Unleash Vaccinations on the Masses Without You Knowing About It

For nearly two years, Joe Biden’s corrupt bureaucrats tried to force Americans to take hastily approved medicine. Millions of hardworking U.S. citizens were forced to get the COVID-19 vaccine or lose their jobs.

Biden’s vaccine mandates were unethical, unconstitutional, and unnecessary. As we’ve moved away from the clutches of this horrific pandemic, there are millions of vaccine doses left sitting on shelves. Big Pharma wants paid.

Radicals are still trying to force the vaccine on American children and college students. Young adults, virtually immune to the virus at this stage, are being expelled if they won’t take the shot. This is a Draconian abuse of power.

Vaccines are being forced on elementary school children as well. Often, parents are given the choice to submit their kids to an unnecessary but potentially dangerous medicine or take them out of school. For millions of American families, the latter is not an option.

They have no choice. Booster shots are still being pushed as necessary. They’re not. In fact, there is a growing amount of scientific evidence that proves the vaccine to be ineffective. There is some evidence that getting the COVID-19 vaccine may make you more prone to infection.

The result is that more and more “Americans are just saying no to the COVID-19 booster jab.” As the pandemic wanes, it becomes harder for the radicals to push their vaccine propaganda. It seems as if we’re heading to a point where most Americans will decline another COVID vaccine.

The risks now being revealed are too high. It’s just not worth taking the chance. The virus is no longer a dangerous threat to normal people’s health. A robust natural immunity is proving to be far more reliable. But that puts us back to what Big Pharma is going to do with leftover doses.

They’re watching their cash cow evaporate. But the alarmist rhetoric hasn’t stopped trying to insist that everyone must get “the jab,” and at every opportunity. This notion is totally contrary to science. So, how do they manage to vaccinate the masses against their will?

It appears the creepy scientists at the National Institutes of Health have another solution. This is the same NIH that was indirectly tied to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, the place where the whole pandemic mess started.

Many do not believe it leaked out of Wuhan by accident. Some think that the scientific community was ready and waiting with their suspiciously risky vaccine concoction. But now, they’re having trouble getting people to willingly submit to their scheme.

But they’ve enlisted some brand-new assistance. The NIH is working to release a flock of vaccine-injected mosquitoes to haphazardly take care of those who may be reluctant to sit down and get jabbed with a needle. They’ll jab them at random.

The diabolical study locked up around 200 mosquitoes in a box. They left them there to help increase their rabid hunger for blood. When offered a human arm, these bloodthirsty suckers went to work. One researcher believes this could be a way to vaccinate people.

Dr. Sean Murphy told NPR, “We use the mosquitoes like they’re 1,000 small flying syringes.” Yep, they’re actually thinking of ways to force people to accept a medical treatment that is both unnecessary and possibly quite dangerous.

The test mosquitoes were injected with a mild dose of a fatal disease. Imagine what could happen if these little flying menaces slipped out into the public. A virus leaked from a petri dish. How much easier would it be for a tiny mosquito to fly out of a laboratory, undetected?

Another researcher, Dr. Kristen Lyke, confirms the possibility of using mosquitoes to vaccinate large masses of the population. She was not involved in this study, but was a co-investigator for Moderna and Novavax COVID-19 vaccines.

Do we really believe this is a coincidence? To confirm the notion that this could soon happen, Lyke’s is quoted as saying that the research is “a total game changer.” Oh, it’s a total game changer, alright. It’s possibly one of the creepiest ideas in the history of science.

This kind of creepy manipulation of entire populations by twisted minds is straight out of a science fiction thriller. Why are these crackpots allowed to even pursue such dangerous research? Millions died from one slip up (supposedly) out of a lab in China.

Experiments with disease-infested or vaccine-loaded flying insects are crazy. What could possibly go wrong? At least mosquito populations will be reduced as much of America drifts into winter. However, come next spring, we’re buying stock options in “OFF brand repellents!”

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