Secret Audio Records Democrat Campaign Worker Bragging About Voter Fraud Schemes

According to Sidney Williams the Democrats are actually buying and selling votes in Dallas, Texas. This disturbing event actually goes all the up to the Elections office where "someone on the inside" is giving out the details/information for anywhere between $100 and $300. That's it. That's all it takes to buy votes? Dang, Hillary... I think you screwed up bit time!

Williams goes on, in detail, about the whole ordeal... even admitting that some signatures on "absentee ballots look just like his own".

As Written By M.J. Randolph for Truth Revolt:

The Dallas County Elections Department knew it had a major problem on its hands when residents started went to their mailboxes and noticed they had received “mail-in ballots” they never requested. Dr. Pat Stephens had that very thing happen to her. Then, a few days, later, she had an unwanted visitor. "I got a knock on my door and the guy was saying that he was coming to pick up the mail-in ballots and I told him, 'Well I didn’t order one.'”

PJ Media reports:

Before the election, Sidney Williams, 33, made secret audio recordings of his interactions with Jose Barrientos, a campaign worker who suggested on tape that he pay off someone inside the county elections office to find out when mail-in ballots get sent out. "He's not supposed to but yeah," Barrientos told Williams. "But then you've got to drop a hundred or two or three. Whatever it is. He can't do it for free."

Barrientos also suggested in a phone call with Williams that he was the mysterious Jose Rodriguez, admitting that the signatures on the absentee ballots look just like his own. "You're talking to the master, bro," he boasted.

Democrat Campaign Worker Recorded Bragging about His Voter Fraud Schemes | Truth Revolt

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